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  • Latest Student Publications
    Congratulations to our student members and authors on their recent publications.  The articles are attached; here is a brief description of each: Applying Quality Tools Toward Communication by Robert Miner In this article the author describes an interactive  workshop in which multigenerational barriers to communication were addressed ... more
  • Webinar Files: Facilitation Skills
    Thank you to the Statistics Division and to our esteemed member and presenter, Grace Duffy, for a very successful webinar on October 4th. In her webinar, Ms. Duffy addressed the the topic of facilitation and how to leverage soft skills to gain traction within teams.  If you missed the webinar, you can view an mp4 of the event here: ... more
  • Fall 2019 Quality Management Forum
    The Fall 2019 edition of the Quality Management Forum is now available on MyASQ. Articles in this edition include: Best Practices for E-Learning and ADDIE By Vic Passion Bouhalkoum You have been tasked with training a large number of employees on a new quality management software tool. Your manager suggests that, due to the number of learners and the ... more

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  • The Roger Berger Award The Roger Berger Award is given in recognition of those demonstrating spirit and commitment by implementation significant projects of benefit to the Division. Mr. Berger has been a tireless QMD proponent without whom our division ...

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  • The Partners in Quality Award The Partners in Quality award is the Quality Management Division's highest organizational honor.  The award is given in recognition of long-term support by an organization and individuals of that organization resulting in ...

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  • Howard Jones Award The first Administrative Applications Division chairman was Howard L Jones of Illinois Bell.  The Quality Management Division's Howard Jones Award was later established in his honor. This is an ASQ recognized award.  After the ...

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  • Past Chairs of the Quality Management Division  
    Year Name  
    1954 Dale Lobsinger  
    Chairs of the Administrative Applications Division
    1955-7 Howard L Jones  
    1958 P A Robert  
    1959 Carl Noble  
    1960 Harry G Romig  
    1961 E T ...

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