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  • Message From The ASQ Quality Management Division Chair
    As my time as Chair of the Quality Management Division (QMD) comes to an end, I would like my last chair’s message to look back at what our team has been able to accomplish over the past two years. It hasn’t always been an easy ride. There were some bumps in the road, but overall, I’m pleased with what we have done. ASQ Transformation The first bump in the road ... more
  • Webinar: Pursuing a Smart Energy Future
    A Discussion on Carbon, Poverty, and the Role of Data in the Energy Transition.   Energy underpins all aspects of modern life, and the lack of energy inhibits over 2.5 billion people from entering into modern life. In this webinar, Derek Tinker will discuss some difficult energy questions facing the world today: Is it possible to address climate change ... more
  • QMD Webinar: Managing Distributed Training Communities
    Maintaining a vibrant quality culture requires effective deployment of key messages and key approaches, such as training in quality tools and quality methodologies.  As organizations grow and become more complex, Quality Managers must learn to establish some level of continuity across regions, business units, and departments within ... more

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  • Quality Management Division Leadership Team (2020-2021) Elected Officers
    Chair Peggy Milz
    Chair Elect Denis Devos
    Secretary Michael Hirt
    Immediate Past Chair Jerry Rice

    Appointed Officers
    Vice Chair Finance Karen Ambrosic-Tolf
    Vice Chair Governance and Operations – Open
    Vice ...

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  • The Roger Berger Award The Roger Berger Award is given in recognition of those demonstrating spirit and commitment by implementation significant projects of benefit to the Division. Mr. Berger has been a tireless QMD proponent without whom our division ...

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  • The Partners in Quality Award The Partners in Quality award is the Quality Management Division's highest organizational honor.  The award is given in recognition of long-term support by an organization and individuals of that organization resulting in ...

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  • Howard Jones Award The first Administrative Applications Division chairman was Howard L Jones of Illinois Bell.  The Quality Management Division's Howard Jones Award was later established in his honor. This is an ASQ recognized award.  After the ...

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