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Performance metrics are defined as figures and data representative of an organization’s actions, abilities, and overall quality. There are many different forms of performance metrics, including sales, profit, return on investment, customer happiness, customer reviews, personal reviews, overall quality, and reputation in a marketplace. ... more
Posted by David Woods on Quality Management Division Sep 24, 2022 3:52 PM CDT
with Sandra L Furterer and Douglas C. Wood Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm Central/ 6:00 pm Eastern (Advance Registration Required) Webinar Series - Preparing for Process Analysis You may know the quality tools, but do you know how to string them together for maximum effectiveness? This talk will show how the various quality tools operate ... more
Posted by Jerry Rice on Quality Management Division Sep 18, 2022 7:09 PM CDT
Also called: selection metrics Performance metrics are defined as information and project-specific data used to characterize and assess an organization’s quality, capabilities, and skills. Performance metrics are defined differently in every industry and can change based on a company’s services and products. Common performance metrics ... more
Posted by David Woods on Quality Management Division Sep 17, 2022 7:50 AM CDT

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Susan Gorveatte
When your training is a good fit for what students need to succeed, the students will thank you. This webinar will ...
Susan Gorveatte Jun '22
Good morning, Susan. I have not yet received information about the Taxonomy seminar in my email. I also searched ...

Sounds great! Have not seen registration information.

Be sure to check your email account setting with ASQ to make sure you are able to receive the eblasts from the Quality ...

Still awaiting registration information or access to the information shared
Jerry Rice Jerry Rice Jun '22

Here is a link to a recording of the webinar if you missed it.

Make Your Students Blossom: Insights on Bloom’s ...

Joe Wojniak
Training and Development Content Management Committee is accepting articles for the Spring 2019 issue. Please ...
Joe Wojniak Nov '18
Have you had a chance to check out the excellent content within the Human Development & Leadership Division's ...
This is from the Quality Management BoK.  I look forward to the edition.

VII Training and Development
VII.A.0 ...

Hi Dan, thanks for the lead.  I'll contact Stephanie. -Joe W.
This is commendable. Thanks 
Joe, great visibility on the Call for Articles. I hope the Training and Development Content Management Committee ...
Jerry Rice Jerry Rice Jan '19

Your team now has its own webpage:

Training and Development Content Management Committee

Just totally ...
Grace Duffy
I have been doing a lot of reading on the subscription services like McKinsey and Company and Knowledge@ Wharton ...
Grace Duffy May '20
Jerry Rice Jerry Rice May '20
I've been doing a lot of OJT on the use of the Microsoft Teams platform lately... including webcam etiquette. Who ...
A quote from W. Edwards Deming from "Out of the Crisis: is included in our previous post,  People are Part of the ...
Well said, Jerry and Bill. Where the 1980s and 1990s saw a push for organizations to drive external skills ...

What is happening in your organization?
During the first 2 weeks of this Lockdown we slowed down a ...
I'm loving this discussion.  I think now that we can't/shouldn't have additional "outside" representatives ...
I just read an article by the Association for Talent Development on use of training modes. It shows the percent of ...
Thank you for the article by the Association for Talent Development, Grace!
It seems that the pace has accelerated in the past weeks! The projects are moving, the meetings are not stopping, ...
Well said, Betsaida. We were talking the other day in a Quality Management Division conversation that we have ...
Daniel Zrymiak
I am sharing a presentation I recently delivered at the ASQ Pacific Region conference on the topic of Stakeholder ...
Daniel Zrymiak Nov '20
Hello Daniel,

Good Day.

Stakeholder engagement is an excellent technique for strengthening process control.
I ...
Please refer to this updated version of the presentation. The last version had incorrect Speaker Notes on slide 2 ...
Dear Daniel,
Although I appreciate what Girish has commented, I don't think it is really on point with your ...
Hello Gregory Watson ‍ ,

The inspiration was from the works of Eduardo Briceño, who distinguishes between the “ ...
Dear Daniel,
Yesterday, I was discussing how AI-related technologies relate to the chain of customers. ...
Norm Howe Norm Howe Jan '21
You might be interested in the Center for Positive Organizations, which I discovered quite by accident where I ...
Susan Gorveatte
Hi ASQ Members, I am wondering if you have tips on how to organize and maintain your records for RUs, etc. for ...
Susan Gorveatte May '21
One suggestion: Record/upload your RU point(s) in the recertification journal as soon a RU point is ...
Timeliness is the key for sure.
During my first recertification I struggled as I had various records all over the place and I felt like I was ...
Emma Raven Emma Raven Jun '21
Hi Houman Mehrabadi

Great tip! Where is the recertification journal?

Emma Raven Emma Raven Jun '21
Great question Susan!

I love Carlos' tips about using the free gifts to include the bonus RUs and creating a special ...

Please click on following link, then “Access to my online Journal”. You can submit your RU's there.

Susan Gorveatte
Hi there, I am seeking volunteers for the Content Management Committee for Training and Development. Do you have a ...
Susan Gorveatte Jan '22

Hello Susan, I'd be interested if there are opportunities available.

I would love to volunteer for this committee.


Susan, it is always good to work with you. Count me in!

Hi I am interested, here is my contact info: gordonperry1@cox.net, 949-235-6785. Thank you!

I would be interested in seeing how I can contribute as well.


Hope this emailfinds you well.

Yes I would liketo be part of your Content Management Committee for ...

This is great news, thank you!

Super, I sent you a message.

Likewise always, yes! Stay tuned for more, sending you a message.

Great I sent you a message! Thanks!

Luigi Sille
Leaders and Managers are always SO BUSY, without ANY NOTICEABLE improvements whatsoever.mp4

@Luigi Sille
Yes, lots of movement, NO IMPROVEMENT!

@Luigi Sille
Honestly, I think it depends on the focus. It is important to empower and guide others so that things ...

You're absolutely right. Without a concerted effort, meaning a project plan with objectives, milestones, and ...
They also need to focus on outcomes. Too often, senior managers focuses on processes. Once a process is in place, ...

@Luigi Sille


The best way to explain the reason is with the 4 quadrants of Stephen Covey. Not investing and ...

Jennifer Liptak
Hi and good day everyone! I am wondering if anyone has had any success with using an iPad to complete online ...
Jennifer Liptak Oct '19
Grace Duffy
Standard work processes have changed for many of us over the past 7 months. Less of us are on the road, using hotel ...
Grace Duffy Sep '20
Great conversation, Grace. I find myself at times still in the old way of thinking I have to be on site with clients ...
Mark Green
Does anyone have any insight they could share concerning their experience with Enterprise Quality Management ...
Mark Green Feb '21
You may want to be a bit more specific in your request.
Unfortunately, I am not too familiar myself. In situations ...

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