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  • November Is World Quality Month - Time To Celebrate
    November Is World Quality Month - Time To Celebrate
    Well - its finally here!  #WorldQualityMonth .  World Quality Month is a time to celebrate your success and the impact you make to our community and our world.  We THANK YOU!  In this pandemic, it's nice to have a little diversion to celebrate the work you do!  We've created some fun things for you.  With everyone working remotely, we created virtual ... more
  • ASQ/ASQE Glossary
    ASQ/ASQE Glossary
    Keeping up with all the ASQ / ASQE acronyms can be rather daunting!  To help you keep it all straight, we've created an ASQ/ASQE Glossary.   ASQ INTERNAL Internal Departments CC – Customer Care department DE – Digital Experience team (cross-functional) KP – Knowledge and Publications (includes ASQ Books/Quality Press) MS – Member Services OS – ... more

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@Mentions Help Direct Your Content 110

You can directly identify the intended recipient(s) of your content by utilizing the @Mention feature. Similar to “tagging”, @Mentions work in: Profile comments Discussion board posts and replies Blogs comments Events comments Resource comments Communities comments, discussions, blogs, events, and resources To activate an @Mention, ...

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Trish Borzon
Hi everyone - So, its November - #WorldQualityMonth  .  We have some fun ways for you to celebrate.  But sure to take ...
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