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  • ASQ Salary Survey Results Are Here!
    ASQ Salary Survey Results Are Here!
    The focal point of December’s QP is the 36th annual ASQ Salary Survey. Let QP help you sketch out plans to move ahead in today’s uncertain, complex and ever-changing backdrop of life. Visit for links to the complete report, as well as the refreshed ASQ Salary Calculator tool, and a webcast and ASQTV episode providing analysis and ... more
  • New Edition Of The ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook Now Available
    New Edition Of The ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook Now Available
    The third edition of “ The ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook ” is now available! This handbook is designed to help candidates preparing for the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam. Meant for those who already understand the basic concepts of reducing variation and improving processes, it also serves as a helpful reference to the ... more

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@Mentions Help Direct Your Content 110

You can directly identify the intended recipient(s) of your content by utilizing the @Mention feature. Similar to “tagging”, @Mentions work in: Profile comments Discussion board posts and replies Blogs comments Events comments Resource comments Communities comments, discussions, blogs, events, and resources To activate an @Mention, ...

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