• QMD Voice Of The Customer (VOC) Survey
    Thank you for being a valued part of our community! In order to understand your needs so that we may better serve you, we are conducting a voice of the customer (VOC) survey. Please consider completing this brief survey through the following link: By completing the survey you can ... more
  • Message From The Quality Management Division Chair
    It’s been a while since a message has gone out to our membership. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with something to share. Most of my tomes to date have been about how strong the QMD team is and all the cool opportunities we are taking advantage of. We have a great team, big plans and have accomplished some neat stuff. However, after a while the only thing ... more
  • ASQ's International Team Excellence Award (ITEA)
    What Successful Projects Has Your Team Completed? Enter Them Into ASQ's International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) !   Entry Materials are Due September 9, 2019!   Thousands of teams from the world’s most successful companies have participated in ASQ’s Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Process. A global audience saw how ... more

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  • The Roger Berger Award The Roger Berger Award is given in recognition of those demonstrating spirit and commitment by implementation significant projects of benefit to the Division. Mr. Berger has been a tireless QMD proponent without whom our division ...

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  • The Partners in Quality Award The Partners in Quality award is the Quality Management Division's highest organizational honor.  The award is given in recognition of long-term support by an organization and individuals of that organization resulting in ...

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  • Howard Jones Award The first Administrative Applications Division chairman was Howard L Jones of Illinois Bell.  The Quality Management Division's Howard Jones Award was later established in his honor. This is an ASQ recognized award.  After the ...

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  • Past Chairs of the Quality Management Division  
    Year Name  
    1954 Dale Lobsinger  
    Chairs of the Administrative Applications Division
    1955-7 Howard L Jones  
    1958 P A Robert  
    1959 Carl Noble  
    1960 Harry G Romig  
    1961 E T ...

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The Quality Management Division (QMD) is dedicated to advancing quality management concepts and principles through our myASQ website and our quarterly peer-reviewed journal The Quality Management Forum

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Howard Jones Award
The Roger Berger Award
The Partners In Quality Award

Convey lifelong quality related knowledge through information methods and tools that add value to organizations, society and individuals. 

​A community where people, organizations and society are engaged in continual improvement. 

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