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The Statistics Division was formed to serve as a focal point and resource for the quality community, both to help explain and communicate existing statistical methods and motivate development of new or improved tools and techniques. The Statistics Division welcomes statistical practitioners of all levels and fields of application. Learn how to understand your process data with us!


This issue includes the following: Mini Paper by Namakkal T Balakrishnan - New Process Development - Replacing Legacy Process of Fabric Stitching with Fabric Welding Feature by Fred Schenkelberg: Some Musings on Product Reliability and Data Presentation Columns by Donald J. Wheeler, Stephen Luko and guest author Trevor Craney, and Jim Frost. ... more
Posted by Geoff Farmer on Statistics Division Oct 26, 2021 10:20 AM CDT
The Fall Technical Conference (FTC) was canceled again this year, but the fun must go on! Please join us for a 5-week FTC Webinar Series where we highlight 2021 award winners and FTC plenary sessions from the FTC sponsoring organizations. Each week, we will have two webinars representing honorees from one of the four FTC sponsoring organizations. The ... more
Posted by Mindy Hotchkiss on Statistics Division Sep 14, 2021 5:24 PM CDT
The Ellis R. Ott Scholarship Governing Board and the ASQ Statistics Division are pleased to congratulate the winners of the Ellis R. Ott Scholarship for the 2021-22 Academic Year. This year's Awardees are: Anja Zgodic, PhD candidate in Biostatistucs at the University of South Carolina (USC) Camila Burne, Master's student in the Computational ... more
Posted by Mindy Hotchkiss on Statistics Division Sep 14, 2021 4:36 PM CDT

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Mindy Hotchkiss
What brings you to the website today?  If you are looking for something specific, please let us know on this ...
Mindy Hotchkiss Apr '19
Aaron Wood
I was hoping that this group would have more events posted on this community page, but I don't see any upcoming ...
Aaron Wood Jun '21

We have a couple webinars coming up in August and September that you'll see on the site soon.

Guiomar Meaders
Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to develop KPIs, such as OTD, cycle count, using time series? I-MR Chart? Line ...
Susan Schall
October 22, 2020, 10 - 12 am EDT Registration Link: ...
Susan Schall Oct '20
Valerie Hassan
HI all- I'm interested in finding a couple of speakers local to San Diego County (CA) to provide some keynote and ...
Valerie Hassan Jan '20
Guiomar Meaders
Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to develop KPIs, such as OTD, cycle count, using time series? I-MR Chart? Line ...
Ronald Kelley
Greetings, I just received a newsletter from the Statistics Division. Thanks! Along with the exciting news of the ...
Ronald Kelley Aug '19
HI Ronald,

So sorry the first E-zine this month didn't have the link.  I hope you caught it in the second E-zine or saw ...
Jaspal Gill
We have some opportunities with PPG in Sylmar CA. Please take a look and apply directly. · Supplier Quality ...
Jaspal Gill Sep '21
Mindy Hotchkiss
The Statistics Division traditionally maintained a list of Speakers available to groups for local events, ...
Mindy Hotchkiss Jun '19
HI- so how do I access this Stats Division speaker list?
I'm interested in presenting some stats topics at future ...
Hi Valerie, this sounds like an interesting program. The Statistics Division historically had a speaker list ...
HI- got that list available ? 

Thank you.

Valerie Hassan
Secretary, ASQ Palomar Section 
(interim Programs ...
Jorge Romeu
In this paper we summarize eleven months of pro-bono research on statistical modeling of Covid-19 topics. For ...
Jorge Romeu Jul '21

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