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The Statistics Division was formed to serve as a focal point and resource for the quality community, both to help explain and communicate existing statistical methods and motivate development of new or improved tools and techniques. The Statistics Division welcomes statistical practitioners of all levels and fields of application. Learn how to understand your process data with us!


  • June 2020 Statistics Digest
    This issue includes the following: • Youden Address by James J. Filliben - The Role of DEX & EDA for Standards & the Role of Standards for DEX & EDA Part 2 • Statistical Process Control Column by Donald J. Wheeler - Covid-19 Data and Process Behavior Charts • Hypothesis Testing Column by Jim Frost - Understanding Significance Levels • Risk and ... more
  • New Video Available! June 23, 2020 ASQ Statistics Division Webinar - Designing High Impact Experiments
    Shari Kraber of Stat-Ease, presented this popular webinar on June 23.   This presentation introduces a simple but effective four-step DOE planning process that includes the evaluation of the power of the design to detect effects.  Knowing the power prior to running an experiment forces the quality professional to consider both the amount of change ... more
  • ASQ World Conference On Quality And Improvement 2021: Statistics Division Session Proposal Submission
    The call for session proposals for WCQI 2021 May 23 – 26, 2021 in Anaheim, CA begins July 13, 2020 with a deadline of August 10, 2020.  If you are interested in submitting a session proposal to be sponsored by the Statistics Division, please email us at  chair@asqstatdiv.org  or contact the WCQI coordinator at  wcqi_proposals@asqstatdiv.org more

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Diego Kuonen 1341
Are the slides of the  "ASQ Statistics Division Webinar - Statistical Process Control: Myths, Misconceptions ...
Diego Kuonen Mar '20
Hi Diego,

Please go to  ...
Valerie Hassan 1773
HI all- I'm interested in finding a couple of speakers local to San Diego County (CA) to provide some keynote and ...
Valerie Hassan Jan '20
Mindy Hotchkiss 4226
Probabilistic Risk Assessment- Principal Role :
- Provide expertise in the application of system safety and ...
Mindy Hotchkiss Oct '19
Geoff Farmer 1056
This post was sent in by Susan Young:    We are an OEM Mfg. that has 100$% inspection. We put a dock to stock in place and ...
Geoff Farmer Aug '19
The Statistics Division has an ebook on Skip Lot Sampling available for $15 through ASQ Press, part of our How To ...
It would be interesting to know why dock to stock didn’t “take off”.

In any case to implement skip lot sampling you ...
Ronald Kelley 160

I just received a newsletter from the Statistics Division. Thanks! Along with the exciting news of the ...
Ronald Kelley Aug '19
HI Ronald,

So sorry the first E-zine this month didn't have the link.  I hope you caught it in the second E-zine or saw ...
Charles Wynn 8133
As a professional who uses some basic statistical tools and who is looking at potentially pursuing graduate work ...
Charles Wynn Jun '19
If you aren't close to a university that offers a Masters in Statistics, the online option is the way to go.  Online ...
Hi Charles, there are a number of different flavors of programs, so depending on what you are looking for as a career ...
    Mindy Hotchkiss 4226
    Please post available job postings of interest to this community under the Job Board Discussion group.
    Mindy Hotchkiss Jun '19
    Mindy Hotchkiss 4226
    The Statistics Division traditionally maintained a list of Speakers available to groups for local events, ...
    Mindy Hotchkiss Jun '19
    HI- so how do I access this Stats Division speaker list?
    I'm interested in presenting some stats topics at future ...
    Hi Valerie, this sounds like an interesting program. The Statistics Division historically had a speaker list ...
    HI- got that list available ? 

    Thank you.

    Valerie Hassan
    Secretary, ASQ Palomar Section 
    (interim Programs ...
    Geoff Farmer 1056
    This article, by Dr. Adam Pintar of NIST and former Chair of the ASQ Statistics Division is very informative is ...

    Geoff Farmer Jun '19
    Geoff Farmer 1056
    How can more than two groups be tested for equivalence? Two groups can be tested for equivalence using the TOST ...
    Geoff Farmer Apr '19

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