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The Statistics Division was formed to serve as a focal point and resource for the quality community, both to help explain and communicate existing statistical methods and motivate development of new or improved tools and techniques. The Statistics Division welcomes statistical practitioners of all levels and fields of application. Learn how to understand your process data with us!


*Click attachment icon in upper right corner* This issue includes the following: Statistical Process Control Column by Donald J. Wheeler - How Do You Estimate the Fraction Nonconforming? Risk and Uncertainty Column by Stephen Luko – The Principle of Redundancy Hypothesis Testing Column by Jim Frost - Coefficient of Variation Mini Paper by Jason ... more
Posted by Geoff Farmer on Statistics Division Feb 25, 2021 9:11 AM CST
Please join us for the Multiple Regression Webinar on Jan. 20, 2021 at 12 CST.   The link using WEBEX is https://asq.webex.com/asq/onstage/g.php?MTID=e2449cd6ae378a3c72b46a940300b0e18 more
Posted by Geoff Farmer on Statistics Division Dec 29, 2020 8:09 PM CST
The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality is pleased to announce the availability of $7500 scholarships to support students who are enrolled in, or are accepted into enrollment in, a master’s degree or higher program with a concentration in applied statistics and/or quality management.  This includes the theory and application ... more
Posted by Geoff Farmer on Statistics Division Nov 21, 2020 7:32 AM CST

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Susan Peiffer
On behalf of the gracious author, Dr. Jorge Luis Romeu, I am posting this pdf "Summary of a Year of Work in Covid-19 ...
Susan Peiffer Feb '21
A lot of work has been done here. The PCA and Discriminant Analysis are interesting, as well as the Survival ...

Dan O'Leary
I’m working on project to set the shelf life of a medical vice. Previous studies have shown no failures, so I’ve ...
Dan O'Leary Oct '20
Susan Schall
October 22, 2020, 10 - 12 am EDT Registration Link: ...
Susan Schall Oct '20
Atousa Pourfard
Hello ASQ Friends, I would like to understand more about ASQ/ANSI Quality Standards Z1.4 & Z1.9.  This is a need for ...
Atousa Pourfard Aug '20
Hi Atousa,

This YouTube video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFscyKpA4n0  seems to explain fairly well ...
A few years ago I did a webinar for the statistics division on Z1.4. If I remember correctly it was recorded so it ...
Diego Kuonen
Are the slides of the  "ASQ Statistics Division Webinar - Statistical Process Control: Myths, Misconceptions ...
Diego Kuonen Mar '20
Hi Diego,

Please go to  ...
Valerie Hassan
HI all- I'm interested in finding a couple of speakers local to San Diego County (CA) to provide some keynote and ...
Valerie Hassan Jan '20
Mindy Hotchkiss
Probabilistic Risk Assessment- Principal Role :   - Provide expertise in the application of system safety and ...
Mindy Hotchkiss Oct '19
Geoff Farmer
This post was sent in by Susan Young:    We are an OEM Mfg. that has 100$% inspection. We put a dock to stock in place and ...
Geoff Farmer Aug '19
The Statistics Division has an ebook on Skip Lot Sampling available for $15 through ASQ Press, part of our How To ...
It would be interesting to know why dock to stock didn’t “take off”.

In any case to implement skip lot sampling you ...
Ronald Kelley
Greetings, I just received a newsletter from the Statistics Division. Thanks! Along with the exciting news of the ...
Ronald Kelley Aug '19
HI Ronald,

So sorry the first E-zine this month didn't have the link.  I hope you caught it in the second E-zine or saw ...
Charles Wynn
As a professional who uses some basic statistical tools and who is looking at potentially pursuing graduate work ...
Charles Wynn Jun '19
If you aren't close to a university that offers a Masters in Statistics, the online option is the way to go.  Online ...
Hi Charles, there are a number of different flavors of programs, so depending on what you are looking for as a career ...

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