HD&L Caribbean Cruise - September 2019

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Date:     Sun, Sep 8 – Sun, Sep 15, 2019      
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line   
Departure Port: Galveston, TX

  •  Sun      08-Sep      Arrive in Galveston to embark ship 12-3 pm    ** depart 4 pm **
  • Three Days at sea – Conference topics – scheduled topics and free-form forums
  • Three Days in port – Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, on your own – tours – beaches – shopping
  • Sun      15-Sep      return to Galveston – disembark by noon – travel home
In 2002 John Breckline, Ft Worth TX Section, was asked, “Doctors do it, why don’t we?”  He asked for some clarification, and the member said, “Do professional development on a cruise”.  His response was, “Let me look into it”.  In 2003 Ft Worth had their first ASQ Cruise as a 4-day out of Galveston on Carnival.  It was declared successful and many said, “When is the next one?”  We continued “cruising” every few years with participation as high as 96 members and guests.  Our cruise in 2014 was a joint venture with HD&L, with 28 participants.  In the partnership, HD&L took on the Program Planning function.

Program / Activities:
We offer as much variety as possible in the three days at sea.  We plan topic content that will appeal to a wide audience, like leadership and general personal growth, with a spattering of more specialty topics.  Our schedule plans 60-90 minute morning presentations (3 hours total). After lunch with the member’s guests, we reconvene and become more flexible with both formal topics and small discussion groups.  With less structure, the discussions often happen in the lounges over afternoon drinks!  Hours of ASQ participation are tracked and RU credits issued, up to 3.0 for full engagement.

On the three “Port Days”, no group presentations are conducted.  All are encouraged to take shore excursions, go off on your own, or just relax on a nearly-empty ship.  It’s your choice, with no structured ASQ activities. 

We have enjoyed outstanding ratings of the cruise / program and high repeat attendance.  As we recruited speakers from the committed participants, we CANNOT tell you program topics detail in advance.  However we can give you a sample of topics from past cruises.  That information will be posted on this website and may be useful to get some payment made by your company...  this is your “sales tool” to convince them of value.  Many companies over the years have paid the conference fees and some of the cruise / travel costs.  Much is tax deductible too!  To see the 2014 Quality Cruise Brochure, please go to the file at the end of the page. 

Shipboard Life:
Food, food, and more food... all at your discretion.  We do not coordinate breakfast or lunch meals. Spend time with your guests or meet up with ASQ participants.  For dinner, we have a reserved block of tables where we dine together. 

In addition to our ASQ program, there are many options to consume your time on board... see the Royal Caribbean website for a list of activities to include a variety of day-time selections and evening choices like stage shows and various musical entertainment in the lounges.   See the ASQ Cruise link to the website for information about the Itinerary and the Ship.

This is a two-step process.  (1) Follow the link provided to register your entire group for the ASQ Conference.  This covers guests too.  Upon receipt of the registration and ASQ fees, we provide a planning worksheet that helps you determine your needs and the information the booking agent requires.  Passports are required prior to travel... perhaps visas based on your citizenship.

(2) The planning worksheet will direct you to booking your cabin directly with the cruise line.  Currently, we have a limited group of cabins at the prices above.  The “market price” could be a bit different.  You select your cabin and other options at that time, with a deposit of $500/cabin.  Final payment will be due mid-summer 2019.   See the Costs for Conference and Cruise file at the bottom of the page to see the latest information on conference fees and cabin costs.  This file will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Important News! The ASQ Cruise is open to anyone who wants to join us.  We’ve had friends of the members join us as well as families (8 to 80... grandkids and member’s parents), cousins, etc.   If you find out about us, you can join.  Conference participation is not required, and guests are charged a much lower fee than the conference participants.  Sometimes, spouses join as conference attendees too, for their professional/personal development and education. 

Get Started:
Full information and reservation link are available here: https://s1416.weebly.com/asq-cruise-2019.html
For more information please contact:

Cruise Coordinator:       
John Breckline      Section 1416      817-401-0412        jbreckline@att.net

Program Coordinator:    
Marilyn Monda     HD&L                203-554-5600        mmonda@mondaconsulting.net

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