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Secretary:  Judy Castriotta Treasurer: Mark Swanson
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Our monthly meetings have gone virtual during 2022. We will continue virtual meetings for the time being to ensure accessibility to the greater MN audience.

MNASQ hosts a variety of workshops and certification prep classes throughout the year. Keep an eye on Upcoming Events.
Questions? Send email to info@mnasq.org.


We hope to see you at one or all of these events!! February - Understanding Medical Device Quality Systems - This class will be particularly beneficial for those who typically only get to work within a small part of their company’s quality management system. But those who have been in the industry for a long time in many roles, may also be surprised by what ... more
Posted by Laura Esanbock on Minnesota Section Jan 24, 2023 12:43 PM CST
Posted by Laura Esanbock on Minnesota Section Oct 14, 2022 10:10 AM CDT
From the MNASQ Programs Committee: Looking for speakers to round out the 2022 season! Do you have a good story or experience to share? How about a good technique? Our members would love to get that knowledge and experience, right from our own experienced members. If interested, please contact Matt Elisiario at ... more
Posted by Laura Esanbock on Minnesota Section Aug 10, 2022 1:37 AM CDT

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Recent Discussions

Ryan Fleser
Support Operations Environmental/Sustainability efforts by: Analyzing monthly utility/energy data, ...
Ryan Fleser Dec '21
Hannah Boyer
Last week at the annual Minnesota Quality Conference, there was a community thread which asked attendees what ...
Hannah Boyer Nov '20
Jim Nelson Jim Nelson Nov '20
Great conference and content!
More Quality 4.0 and some innovation content would be great.
Jim, that is great feedback!  Thank you for sharing!
I would love to see an in-depth seminar on the basics of ISO 14971:2019 for engineers that are new to the medical ...
Mark Swanson
Please help us continue to plan for the MN ASQ Quality Conference (November 4-5), Please follow or  copy and paste ...
Mark Swanson Apr '20
Karen Maskell
Are you going to be joining us at the Minnesota Quality Conference?  I'm curious which presentations you are most ...
Karen Maskell Nov '19
John Lenss
We are still working the specific job description. I am a CSQE but I don't have time, so we are standing up a new group. ...
John Lenss Aug '22
Girish Kumar Gopalakrishnan
I'm excited to bring up this topic on the World Quality Month which falls on November. As I was researching this ...
A few years ago MNASQ brought in a special speaker on the topic of quality for World Quality Month. We also had a ...
One thing you might consider is distributing one of ASQ's research reports on Quality and asking questions about ...
Thanks for the reply, Karen. I'll take a look at the reports. 

I encourage our community to visit this link on the ASQ ...
Theo Black Theo Black Nov '19
Hi Girish,

When I worked at UnitedHealth Group (UHG), we hosted an annual quality conference for quality ...
Those are great involvement activities with a strong Quality theme. 
Theo, Kudos to your organization for ...
JoAnn Christensen
Position Summary: The Quality Assurance Associate is an integral part of SAB Biotherapeutics Quality team ...
Karen Maskell
But seriously. Members have been telling us for years that they want more community from ASQ. Now we have this ...
Karen Maskell Oct '19
I'll go first...

I'm an independent consultant who works primarily from home these days. I've been a member of ASQ ...
Theo Black Theo Black Oct '19
Hello Friends and Colleagues,

My name is Theo Black. I am an ASQ Six Sigma Certified Black Belt, and a UnitedHealth ...
Hello Everyone,
I'm pleased to be part of this community. I'm excited to be involved in the MNASQ chapter. I've been ...
Hi everyone,
I'm Jackie Sax. I have been an ASQ member since 2002 and an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor since 2009. I ...
Hey all!  I'm fairly new to Quality (just over a year), and have only been in ASQ since January 2019. I am currently ...
Lisa Lopez Lisa Lopez Nov '19
I have been an ASQ member for about 25 years. I have worked for the federal government for two decades and previously ...

My name is Christopher Bahr, and I took the plunge on joining the ASQ just a few months ago.  I am a ...
Hi Christopher. A lot has changed since April! Just wondering where you landed and if you found a mentor?
Hello Everyone,

I am beginning my formal journey into quality, although I have been interested and informally ...
Karen Maskell
Some recent member survey data indicates that our members want to hear more about Quality 4.0 and they might be ...
Karen Maskell Feb '21
Girish Kumar Gopalakrishnan
It's been a while since I checked in with our community. During these tough times, the best way to been in touch with ...
In light of how our social dynamic has shifted over the last month, I think there is a great opportunity to be ...
    Thank you for your feedback, Hannah. 

    One of my favorites from the Monthly bundles was a presentation by Mike ...

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