Minnesota Quality ConferenceWelcome to the Minnesota Section Community! Our mission is to foster personal and professional relationships, connections and sense of belonging and to equip our community with the skills, competencies and knowledge that create Excellence Through Quality.

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Minnesota Quality Conference will be fully virtual! Attendees will be able to participate in virtual conversations and networking through a dynamic virtual conference platform and will be able to choose from a variety of presentations in four tracks:
- Quality Management / Leadership
- Project Management / Leadership
- Root Cause Analysis, Prevention, & Verification Action
- Planning & Influence for Growing Leaders

For a complete program and detailed information, please visit our website at mnqc.org.

Our monthly meetings have gone virtual during the pandemic. We will continue virtual meetings through 2020 and hope to be face to face with you in 2021.

MNASQ hosts a variety of workshops and certification prep classes throughout the year. Keep an eye on Upcoming Events.

Questions? Send email to info@mnasq.org.


  • Call For Presenters - Extended to June 1st
    MNASQ has a long history of hosting a quality conference to provide training and education, discussion and networking.  We are pleased to be hosting the 2020 Minnesota Quality Conference with the theme: “Quality Leadership - Planning a Vision for the Future." We are expecting more than 300 attendees from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South ... more
  • Scholarship Application Deadline Extended To July 15th
    The Gayle W. McElrath scholarship honors the memory of MNASQ member Gayle McElrath who was a living testimony to the principles and practices of the quality profession. His life and accomplishments testify to his commitment. These include Professor and founder of the Industrial Engineering Department, University of Minnesota (1953); founding ... more
  • MNASQ 2020 Section Leadership Team
    The MNASQ Nominating Committee proposed the following slate of candidates for the 2020 MNASQ Executive Board . There were no nominations from general membership. As the Nominating Committee Candidates were unopposed, they are elected into offfice and scheduled to take office on January 1, 2020. Congratulations our new leadership team! Role ... more

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It's been a while since I checked in with our community. During these tough times, the best way to been in touch with ...
In light of how our social dynamic has shifted over the last month, I think there is a great opportunity to be ...
    Thank you for your feedback, Hannah. 

    One of my favorites from the Monthly bundles was a presentation by Mike ...
    Mark Swanson
    Please help us continue to plan for the MN ASQ Quality Conference (November 4-5), Please follow or  copy and paste ...
    Mark Swanson Apr '20
    Karen Maskell
    The ASQ Division is hosting a webinar on April 23rd @ 6pm CDT. See attached flyer for details.

    Topic: Innovation ...
    Karen Maskell Mar '20
    Aaron Wrixton
    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Performs complete layout inspection by measuring dimensions, such as ...
    Aaron Wrixton Dec '19
    Karen Maskell
    Are you going to be joining us at the Minnesota Quality Conference?  I'm curious which presentations you are most ...
    Karen Maskell Nov '19
    Ryan Fleser
    I have been involved in the Quality profession starting at Texas Instruments in the 1980s to my current position as ...
    Ryan Fleser Oct '19
    Welcome, Ryan!  Did you work for Texas Instruments in Minnesota?  Or are you a transplant (like me!)?

    Michael Mercer
    I have run a small quality consulting business since retiring from 3M in 2008.  I helped a small manufacturer ...
    Michael Mercer Oct '19
    Thanks for introducing yourself, Mike!  I'd be interested in hearing about your ISO9001:2015 upgrade ...
    Girish Kumar Gopalakrishnan
    I'm excited to bring up this topic on the World Quality Month which falls on November. As I was researching this ...
    A few years ago MNASQ brought in a special speaker on the topic of quality for World Quality Month. We also had a ...
    One thing you might consider is distributing one of ASQ's research reports on Quality and asking questions about ...
    Thanks for the reply, Karen. I'll take a look at the reports. 

    I encourage our community to visit this link on the ASQ ...
    Theo Black Theo Black Nov '19
    Hi Girish,

    When I worked at UnitedHealth Group (UHG), we hosted an annual quality conference for quality ...
    Those are great involvement activities with a strong Quality theme. 
    Theo, Kudos to your organization for ...
    Girish Kumar Gopalakrishnan
    Greetings everyone,
    I'm new to this community so I was wondering how do I begin interacting with the group. I was ...
    This topic is getting even more interesting as I get to know more. This week,t in fact this entire  month, there are ...
    I was able to take the Manufacturing Quiz today, scored a 4/10. Not proud of my score☹, but I learned more about ...
    Karen Maskell

    ASQ Minnesota announces its premiere event: the Minnesota Quality Conference.

    Research has shown that ...
    Karen Maskell Oct '19
    Keynote Speaker Announced for Minnesota Quality Conference

    MNASQ is pleased to announce the keynote speaker for ...
    This year’s conference is comprised of three tracks – Technical Skills, Risk Management Skills, and Project Soft ...

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        • ASQ Minnesota Section Leadership Team 2020

          Meet the ASQ Minnesota 2020 leadership team.  Our section member leaders for 2020 are presented below. Should you have questions about anything section related, please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us! You can also reach ...

          Date Created: 12/23/2019 11:17 AM

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        Founded in 1948, ASQ Minnesota Section has grown to be one of the largest sections within the ASQ community.  With almost 1800 members, approximately 80% of our members live or work within the Greater Twin Cities area. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for individuals seeking to connect with like-minded professionals and increase their ability to make our world work better.

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