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Past Chair: John Flipse Director: Wayne Ellison 
Director: Theo Black Director: Jim Nelson
PR/Marketing: Laura Esanbock Membership: Carl McBurney
Secretary:  Judy Castriotta Treasurer: Mark Swanson
Conference: Michelle Jirak Technology: Atef Azer
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Our monthly meetings have gone virtual during 2022. We will continue virtual meetings for the time being to ensure accessibility to the greater MN audience.

MNASQ hosts a variety of workshops and certification prep classes throughout the year. Keep an eye on Upcoming Events.
Questions? Send email to info@mnasq.org.


The Gayle W. McElrath scholarship honors the memory of MNASQ member Gayle McElrath who was a living testimony to the principles and practices of the quality profession. His life and accomplishments testify to his commitment. These include Professor and founder of the Industrial Engineering Department, University of Minnesota (1953); founding ... more
Posted by Laura Esanbock on Minnesota Section Feb 17, 2023 3:06 PM CST
We hope to see you at one or all of these events!! February - Understanding Medical Device Quality Systems - This class will be particularly beneficial for those who typically only get to work within a small part of their company’s quality management system. But those who have been in the industry for a long time in many roles, may also be surprised by what ... more
Posted by Laura Esanbock on Minnesota Section Jan 24, 2023 12:43 PM CST
Posted by Laura Esanbock on Minnesota Section Oct 14, 2022 10:10 AM CDT

Upcoming Events

Date & Time
03/23/2023 6:00pm CDT
9750 Rockford Rd
Plymouth, MN 55429-301
United States
Date & Time
04/20/2023 6:00pm CDT
9750 Rockford Road
Plymouth, MN 55429
United States
Date & Time
05/02/2023 6:00pm CDT
9750 Rockford Road
Plymouth , Minnesota
United States Minor Outlying Islands

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Support Operations Environmental/Sustainability efforts by: Analyzing monthly utility/energy data, ...
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Jim Nelson Jim Nelson Nov '20
Great conference and content!
More Quality 4.0 and some innovation content would be great.
Jim, that is great feedback!  Thank you for sharing!
I would love to see an in-depth seminar on the basics of ISO 14971:2019 for engineers that are new to the medical ...
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Please help us continue to plan for the MN ASQ Quality Conference (November 4-5), Please follow or  copy and paste ...
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We are still working the specific job description. I am a CSQE but I don't have time, so we are standing up a new group. ...
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