Section 1010 is the ASQ chapter in Ann Arbor. You do not have to be a member of ASQ or the Section to participate in monthly meetings, certification exams, or educational programs.

Due to the current pandemic, the schedule of events is a work in progress and we will be adding events in the near future.

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Don Wright
Behavioral Science & CI 20201005.pptx

This is the Presentation (and Video) from Jake Frimenko's talk from ASQ Ann ...
Don Wright
This is the file referenced by Jake Frimenko in his 05OCT20 Talk at the ASQ Ann Arbor Section Meeting
Thomas Strong
For those that have been around ASQ Ann Arbor for a few years, Jd Marhevko is a familiar face.  I would like to ...
Thomas Strong Sep '20
Thomas, Thank you for posting the Detroit Free Press article. A must read showing the importance of quality ...
Thomas Strong
Kelvin Elvidge
Kelvin Elvidge, Chair
ASQ Ann Arbor
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the ASQ 1010, Ann Arbor section membership meetings ...
Thomas Strong Sep '20
Thomas Strong
Newsletter has been updated

Welcome to ASQ Ann Arbor and we prepare for the 2020-2021 season.    We are new to the ...
    Thomas Strong Sep '20
    A small error has been corrected.
    Don Wright

    1010 Kickoff!  WEBEX, Invite provided later....
    Monday September 14, 2020 – Speaker: Francis ...
    Don Wright Aug '20
    What is the venue for the meetings, WebEx? And the Time?
    Don Wright Don Wright Sep '20
    Me or Moesis need to put the events up in Events.  Jay Zhou is concerned that his November Talk isn't posted.  Let me ...

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