Section 1010 is the ASQ chapter in Ann Arbor. You do not have to be a member of ASQ or the Section to participate in monthly meetings, certification exams, or educational programs.

Due to COVID19 all are events are virtual through June 2021

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Don Wright
Thanks for attending (those of you who could). Mark added the meeting content to his website, ASQ Ann Arbor Webinar ...
Don Wright
Here it is! I put in chat 3 times that I'd post this in our discussions. I then only got about 5 emails looking for the ...
Don Wright Mar '21
Don Wright
Hello! This is Don Wright / Arrangements Chair for Ann Arbor Section. I'm going to open up the March 1 meeting ...
Don Wright Feb '21
Looking forward to trying this out and other ideas to connect in remote ways! Funny way to warn us about what could ...
Don Wright Don Wright Feb '21
Every situation in Life has been covered by Letterkenny. HowAreYouNow? There's only one answer.
Thomas Strong
A message from Voice of Customer Chair: ...
Thomas Strong Feb '21
Don Wright
This is the Link to the Recording of the Meeting and Jd’s presentation ...
Don Wright Feb '21
Thomas Strong
Find attached our Winter News letter 2021: Letter from the Chair Member Leaders for 2021 New contact emails for ...
Thomas Strong Jan '21
Thomas Strong ‍ and Kelvin Elvidge ‍ - Great work with the Section newsletter! Kelvin mentioned in the Region pulse ...
Eric Zink Eric Zink Feb '21
Great, glad it's getting noticed. Tom and Kelvin have upped the game with the last 2 newsletters, and I'm glad it's ...
Norm Howe
Excited to be a new member of ASQ and the AA section.  I've been in the quality and manufacturing business for a long ...
Norm Howe Jan '21
Happy New Year and welcome to Ann Arbor. Hope you enjoy our Section and our events. Do check out our Winter ...
Thomas Strong
Member Leaders Name Position Office356 ID Tom Strong Chair tstrong@memberleader.asq.org ...
Thomas Strong Jan '21
Thomas Strong
Slides used at the Jan 4th 2021 meeting before the speaker.
Thomas Strong Jan '21
Don Wright
This is the presentation from Don Wright from the 04JAN21 Meeting (Validation is Simple) PDF: Validation is ...
Don Wright Jan '21
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Visit us at our new web location at myASQ. We will be decommissioning our old presence at www.asq1010.org in January 2021.
Ann Arbor Michigan, Virtual - physical location TBD, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States