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Message from the Chair

For the past 5 years, members of the Innovation Technical Community (previously
known as Innovation Division) have benefited from world-class conferences,
cutting-edge educational webinars and opportunities to participate in innovation
committees. In 2019, we have great events and activities planned but they will
require your active participation to make it as success. I am always amazed by the
incredible amount of talent and expertise within our members, so this year we really
want to unleash that power. This is a special period in ASQ’s history to shape our
professional community so it can not only withstand the test of time, but become
once again a beacon for quality, innovation and excellence.
Even though there are multiple areas that we could invest our time and resources
this year (we certainly do not lack creative ideas), the leadership team has decided
to focus on three main areas: Collaboration, Education & Body of Knowledge. The
work to be performed will set up the foundation for years to come and these
initiatives are already in close alignment with some larger ASQ initiatives.
Collaboration & Engagement: ASQ has built a new community portal over the past
few months and the Innovation Technical Community is getting ready to use it.
Once we make this tool available to our members in the next few weeks, we expect
to see a dramatic increase in collaboration and exchange of ideas across our
members. We have high expectations on this platform to bring our members
together and share knowledge and best practices. More information to come on
this subject in future emails.
Education & Conferences: Our webinar series have delivered great value to our
members over the past years and this year will not be an exception. Dawn
Banihashemi, Education Chair for our Technical Community, is preparing an
amazing list of speakers for the coming months, starting with next month’s webinar
on “ISO 56000 is the Innovation Management Series of Standards”, presented by
our own Peter Merrill. Please look further down in this newsletter for more details
on this upcoming webinar. Regarding conferences, in 2018 we put a pause on our
Innovation conferences, but that did not mean that we had not been involved in
larger ASQ Conferences like Quality 4.0, WCQI and other regional conferences. At
the World Conference on Quality & Improvement in Fort Worth TX, May 20-22,
2019, the Innovation Technical Community will be at booth 647 in the exhibit hall.
If you are planning to attend the conference, please stop by the booth and meet
other innovation/quality professionals and learn more about this Technical
QBoK & iBoK: To fulfill on our mission of “…build and provide access to the growing and dynamic body of
innovation knowledge…”, this year we are doubling down our efforts to make major strides in the
development of the body of knowledge. This will be a massive multi-year effort and we are conscious that
it may be take more than the seating leadership team to pull it off. For this reason, we invite the members
of this community to serve as volunteers to create, curate and edit content, abiding by all Intellectual
Property requirements. Please contact me if you feel called to participate in this initiative. More information
about how we plan to organize the work will be shared in the next months.

Best Regards,
Jose Valdivia
Innovation Division Chair

Innovation Team:

Role Name
Chair Jose Valdivia
Chair Elect / Treasurer Dan Jones
Secretary Rhonda Farrell
Education / Webinars Dawn Hashemi
Internet Liaison & Social Media Hina Rathore
Matt LeVeque
Ian Meggarrey (CTO)
Newsletter Nicole Radziwill
Publicity Kimberly Johnson
Body of Knowledge Jim Nelson
Peter Merrill (Co-Chair)
Jane Keathley (Champion)
Voice of Customer Ron Makar
TCC Liaison Peter Merrill
Past Chair & Nominations Tracy Owens
Certification Jane Keathley
Membership Rick Fernandez
Open Kymm Hockman
ASQ Segment Jeanine Becker


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Vision: To be the organization of choice for innovation, connecting those who are interested in innovation with resources to meet their professional needs. 

Mission: To build and provide access to the growing and dynamic body of innovation knowledge through pathways including partnerships, training, and on-line presence for people in the innovation space, whether experienced or new, enabling them to become more effective forces for quality through innovation in their professional environments.