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Message from the Chair

Welcome Innovation Technical Community Members:

As we continue on our 2021 Journey together as a community, I’d like to first thank our Founding Leaders, Executive Advisory Members, Officers, and Committee members for enabling us to grow into where we are today. They say it takes a village, and innovation especially fits that bill. When done according to best practices, it serves to positively drive change across the board, while enhancing and bolstering collaboration, communication, and culture change. Additionally, it serves to enable new ideas to be brought forward and actualized, easily and continuously, drawing upon the expertise and creativity of the collective whole.
Innovation is Quality for TOMORROW!
The Innovation TC has been blessed with astronomical membership growth in 2020, clocking in at over 250% growth in just one year! We are truly global in all sense of the word, with membership representatives from across 85+ international regions across the world. For 2021, I challenge our leaders and members to find innovative ways to sustain that heightened rate of growth, while ensuring we retain and engage our valued members and the broader community with even more programs and resources that drive innovation advances daily.

For 2021, we have chosen this definition of Innovation as our North Star:
Innovation is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems.”

2021 promises to be opportunity rich and we have an outstanding set of Innovation offerings and engagement opportunities planned for our members and the Innovation Community overall, including:
  • Continuing to build out our Innovation Body of Knowledge
  • Starting up our nascent Innovation in Action Series highlighting innovative organizations, leaders, and initiatives from across the globe
  • Offering Innovation-related Tool presentations and workshops
  • Supporting our global members, sections, and regions with our International ASQ & Innovation TC Conferences
  • Continuing our popular and informative Webinar Series
  • Piloting an Innovation STEM education initiative
  • Bootstrapping a new Innovation Roundtable initiative
  • Continuing our Mentoring for ASQ Success program

For our existing or new members, we invite you to become more involved by micro-volunteering with us or considering a longer term committee or TC leader position. Every interested, capable, innovative, and productive volunteer is welcomed to be a part of our phenomenal community. We are looking to be key to your ASQ success going forward!

2021 Opportunities to collaborate, contribute, and engage include the following:
  • Innovation TC Partnership or Sponsorship liaison or event leader
  • Innovation in Action Series liaison or content provider
  • Innovation Tool Presentation or Workshop expert
  • Innovation TC Conference or Webinar Speaker
  • Innovation TC Volunteer member leader
  • Innovation TC Newsletter contributor

We celebrate and thank our dedicated officers, advisors, committee leaders, and volunteers who strive to create ongoing value, work through meaningful challenges, and drive innovative solutions daily. We look forward to an INNOVATION FILLED 2021 with each of you!

         2021 Innovation Team Officers
Chair Dr. Rhonda Farrell
Chair-Elect Mr. Larry Miller
Secretary Mr. Imran Rana
Treasurer Ms. Krystle Ziegler
Immediate Past Chair & Nominations Mr. Dan Jones

  2021 Innovation Team Executive Advisors & Founding Leaders
Jane Keathley Executive Advisor
Ron Makar Executive Advisor
Ian Meggarrey Executive Advisor
Peter Merrill Co-Chair iBoK
Jim Nelson Co-Chair iBoK
Tracy Owens Executive Advisor

2021 Innovation Team Committee Leaders & Volunteers
Zakariya Al-Helal iBoK Committee, myASQ Zac Jarrard TC Liaison, iBoK
Mark Alarik Executive Programs Kimberly Johnson Section Liaison
Sharie Roesner, nee Austin Next Gen Ldr / Students Jacqueline Jolly iBoK Committee, myASQ
Lila Carden Process Improvement Akhilesh Varma Kosuri Next Gen Ldr / Students
Rajeev Chadha Canada Conference Sharon McNair iBoK Committee, myASQ
Tim Dalton Cross-Program Volunteer Sanja Monteiro Innovation in Action
Reese Eskridge BLOGs Rebecca Mott Process Improvement
Dr. Mingxuan Fan iBoK Committee Ved Munbodh Innovation Tools, Content Creation
David Greer Next Gen Ldr / Students Katelyn O’Gorman Data Visualization
Akilesh Gulati Conferences, Innovation Tools Anil Reddy Sanikommu Tools Overviews
Dawn Hashemi Webinars    

2021 Innovation Team TCC DCI Segment Leaders
Grace Duffy Segment Leader
Polly LeBarron Segment Facilitator
Katie Chitwood Segment Manager

To Your Ongoing Innovation Success!


Dr. Rhonda Farrell, Chair ASQ Innovation TC, 2021


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Vision: To be the organization of choice for innovation, connecting those who are interested in innovation with resources to meet their professional needs. 

Mission: To build and provide access to the growing and dynamic body of innovation knowledge through pathways including partnerships, training, and on-line presence for people in the innovation space, whether experienced or new, enabling them to become more effective forces for quality through innovation in their professional environments.  

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