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Hello Innovation Technical Community Members,


It has always been our stance that Quality drives Innovation and Innovation in-turn, drives Quality. From tolerances to automation, the innovations that we have seen have always improved Quality. However, these innovations would not have been possible without the desire to improve Quality.

As 2020 approaches, we are again faced with a great opportunity of Innovation. In the manufacturing industry, Industry 4.0 will begin providing an incredible amount of data to enhance Quality. In the consumer space, automation and AI are becoming more commonplace. This is an exciting time to be involved with Innovation!


The Innovation Technical Community is working on enhancing the value of your membership by providing you access to numerous Innovation methods, topics, and thought leaders. As a technical community, we are focused on providing resources to our members that will help drive Innovation while maintaining a Quality mindset.


We have numerous opportunities for members to get involved with the technical community and are always looking for feedback for how to provide more value to you. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out our Volunteer survey here, or if you would like to provide feedback, please feel free to reach out to me directly via email.

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am for 2020 and all of the Innovations that are to come!


Kind regards,
Dan Jones


         2020 Innovation Team
Role Name
Chair Dan Jones
Chair Elect  Rhonda Farrell
Treasurer Krystle Ziegler
Secretary Sophia Finn
Past Chair and Nominations Jose Valdivia
Body of Knowledge (Member Leaders) Co-Chair: Jim Nelson
Co-Chair: Peter Merrill
Champion: Jane Keathley
Body of Knowledge (Committee) Zakariya S. Al-Helal
Roseli Haefliger-Long
Jacqueline N. Jolly
Sharon McNair
Luciana Paulise
Jose Valdivia
Certification Jane Keathley
Communications Social Media: Rick Fernandez
myASQ: Craig Brodbeck
Conferences Tracy Owens
Nicole Radziwill
Education / Webinars Dawn Hashemi
Governance / Process Improvement Reese Eskridge
Membership Seeking Volunteer
Newsletter Imran Rana
Outreach and Publicity Lead: Kimberly Johnson
Academia Liaison: Seeking Volunteer
Commercial / Industry Liaison: Rajeev Chadha
Content AdvisorLuciana Paulise
Government Liaison: Seeking Volunteer
Military Liaison: Seeking Volunteer
Non-profit Liaison: Craig Brodbeck
Section Liaison: Seeking Volunteer
Strategic Partner Liaison: Rajeev Chadha
TC Liaison: Imran Rana
Technology SharePoint
CTO: Ian Meggarrey
Voice of Customer Ron Makar
Additional Volunteers Kymm Hockman
Segment Personnel ASQ Segment Director: Catherine Johannes
Segment Leader: Frank Murdock
Segment Facilitator: Jim Spichiger


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Vision: To be the organization of choice for innovation, connecting those who are interested in innovation with resources to meet their professional needs. 

Mission: To build and provide access to the growing and dynamic body of innovation knowledge through pathways including partnerships, training, and on-line presence for people in the innovation space, whether experienced or new, enabling them to become more effective forces for quality through innovation in their professional environments.