We welcome you to the ASQ Education Division! We think of Quality in Education in two ways:

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Our Approach:
We have established three areas of emphasis for quality in education: K-12, Higher Education (including community colleges), and Workplace Development and Training. With each one of these areas, we support ASQ's global transformation initiative and ASQ's social responsibility movement.

Best practices include the Baldrige Education Criteria, Lean Six Sigma, and quality standards related to education.
The Education Division is holding steady with approximately 1,200 members. The Division Leadership Team works to ensure member satisfaction by evaluating and acting on responses to the annual Voice of the Customer surveys. The division publishes the open access, peer-reviewed Quality Approaches in Education and the Division bi-annual newsletter, QED News.
The Education Division supports and participates in ASQ's World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

How to Get Involved Now
The Education Division leaders are committed to creating a community in which members can network with and learn from others about the issues of greatest interest and concern. We believe there are many activities here to get involved with and we invite your participation! Our leadership team is listed below, feel free to reach out! Your feedback and suggestions always are welcome. Just contact our division chair, Beth Cudney, if you have any questions.



  • Virtual is the new norm!
    Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) and many other ASQ member unit events were cancelled. ASQ member units received direction from ASQ Headquarters not to conduct face-to-face events until September and many of us have been teleworking since mid-March to abide with local Stay at Home ... more
  • Engage with the Education Division at WCQI
    I would like to extend this opportunity for you to join us in the ASQ WCQI Exhibit Hall and experience the excitement of the exhibit hall activities. It is a great opportunity to meet ASQ members and non-members world-wide as well as ASQ sponsors, exhibitors, dignitaries, staff members, and volunteer member leaders. Come join us for the WCQI Opening ... more

Upcoming Events

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I am curious to hear what metrics are used to measure quality in education and why you think it is a good metric.
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For our school division, our main metric we focus on is graduation rate, coupled with a secondary metric of First ...

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Community Information

The ASQ Education Division informs and networks on knowledge and best practices related to Quality in Education. Our members are educators, administrators, and quality professionals throughout the world at all education levels (primary, secondary, higher education, and in the workplace).

fb691a61ea853f98869c22e439169c62-huge-ouTo promote networking worldwide on quality in education, including K-12, Higher Education and Workforce Development.

7d590e4e6a367ee8ed818bb29bb06c4b-huge-ou Shape the Future through Quality in Education and Professional Development.