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Use this link for FAQs on certification digital badging https://asq.org/cert/faq/digital-badges Or, go to My Account > My Certifications > Digital Badges > Claim My Badges. more
Posted by Paul Mignon on Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Division Feb 28, 2021 5:21 PM CST
ASQE Certification is in the process of becoming ISO certified to ANSI/IE 17024 Accreditation - Personnel Certification Body. more
Posted by Paul Mignon on Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Division Dec 3, 2020 12:03 PM CST

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Luz Miranda
Gl obally today, ' resilience ' and ' digital fluency ' are consistently rated as the two most important skills ...
Luz Miranda Mar '21
Great question, Tatiana. I would say I have 'resilience' - experience, learning, growing, and maturing help ...
Thanks for sharing, Tim!
I really like your response and would like to add to it.

To help develop resilience you can consider the ...
    Paul Mignon
    This is a great presentation on ASQ value and career progression with ASQ behind you!
    Paul Mignon Feb '21
    hi - thank you - I am a member of this technical community as well.
    Mark Green
    Does anyone have any insight they could share concerning their experience with Enterprise Quality Management ...
    Mark Green Feb '21
    Timothy Parrent
    The FD&C Division would like to know your interest in having a division member mentor or being a mentor to ...
    Timothy Parrent Feb '21
    Hello Timothy,

    I’m interested in being mentored.

    Thank you,
    Norm Howe Norm Howe Feb '21
    I'd like to volunteer to mentor someone in creating a strong quality culture.
    Hi Timothy,

    I'm in.

    I'd like to be mentored. Thanks for the potential opportunity to learn.,
    Tim: Beneficial for Students and NextGens, to be sure. And Karina Rodriguez the NextGen Chair for our ASQ FDC ...
    Hi Timothy,

    I am interested in mentoring and being mentored as well. My expertise range from Project management, ...
    Hi Timothy,

    I am interested in being mentored in Project Management and QMS Auditing.

    Thank you,
    I am interested in being mentored in Black Six Sigma, and project management
    Thank you
    Jami Silar Jami Silar Feb '21
    Hi Timothy,

    I am interested in being mentored in Project Management and QMS Auditing. Thank you for this ...
    Great idea. I could be a mentor for food, supplements or cosmetics on topics such as general quality, quality ...
    Jeremiah Genest
    I'm preparing to do video interviews with our C-suite and other key leaders to discuss why quality is important. ...
    Jeremiah Genest Feb '21
    1) What behaviors do you exhibit that others can model that demonstrates a commitment to quality
    2) What decision ...
    Norm Howe
    Excited to be a new member of ASQ and the FD&C Division.  I've been in the quality and manufacturing business ...
    Norm Howe Jan '21

    I focus on auditing and leave the FDA Compliance generating and establishing up to others who are more current ...
    Norm Howe Norm Howe Jan '21
    Nice to 'meet' you, Bob.  Well, we all have our different roles and that's a good thing.  One amazing thing that we ...
    Welcome Norm!
    Michelle McGuinness
    Pharmaceutical Compliance Partners, LLC (PCP) is a boutique management consultancy focused on delivering ...

    I am only interested in GMPs for medical device manufacturers domestically. Thanks,,,Bob
    Jeremiah Genest
    I'd appreciate hearing of your best practices for maintenance and archiving of org charts.
    Jeremiah Genest Dec '20
    Hi Jeremiah,

    Your post made me stop and think.  I manage the quality org charts for my company and utilize a standard ...
    Hi Jeremiah,
    In the past when I have had to maintain/update, we have used Visio to make the flow chart, it is very ...
    Timothy Parrent
    We all agree 2020 has been a unique year.  I thought it would be fun for people to share a few thoughts on something ...
    Timothy Parrent Nov '20
    Tim:  So true! Giving thanks that both my personal and work families are safe and free from Covid, keeps the ...
    Hello Timothy and Rosemarie,

    2020 has been a paradigm shift in the way we conduct business due to Covid 19.
    Internet ...
    Thoughts : I didn't know that we could all be so productive working from home; technology has evolved so much to ...
    Jeremiah Genest
    Anyone have some good guidelines for writing a good GxP job description they can share?
    Jeremiah Genest Jul '20
    HI Jeremiah - can you please be more specific at what you are looking at for a job description in terms of years of ...

    Thanks for replying.

    I am looking for the rules of building a good GxP job description to include in a writing ...
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