Welcome to the Customer-Supplier Division!  We’re glad you chose to join our community.

By joining “The Mighty CSD”, you are now part of a world-wide community of quality professionals dedicated to fostering effective customer-supplier relationships. 

Our mission:  The Customer-Supplier Division empowers the people, communities, and organizations of the world to achieve excellence through quality customer-supplier relationships.

How do we achieve this mission? 
  • Each of our newsletters contain technical articles that provide useful information that our community members can apply right away
  • Our webinars present reviews of core concepts as well as case studies of best practices and innovative applications of quality tools to customer-supplier relationships
  • CSD-sponsored sessions at technical conferences, including the World Conference on Quality and Improvement, not only provide valuable technical content but promote networking opportunities with other community members as well as with CSD’s leadership team
  • Our myASQ community fosters direct communication between members of our community, where anyone can ask questions or participate in discussions
CSD has also sponsored the Certified Supplier Quality Professional exam since 2017 for those quality professionals that wish to formally demonstrate their command of key supplier quality management principles and practices.  To help prepare for this exam, CSD developed the Certified Supplier Quality Professional Handbook and created training classes that are offered through ASQ.

We’re always interested in your ideas and would welcome your input.  If you would like to get involved with CSD or have ideas for new technical content, we’d love to hear from you.

Welcome aboard!

Best regards,

Pam Carvell
Chair, Customer-Supplier Division

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Mission Statement:
The Customer - Supplier Division empowers the people, communities, and organizations of the world to achieve excellence through quality customer - supplier relationships.

Vision Statement:
The Customer - Supplier Division will be the thought leader and community of choice for individuals and organizations seeking excellence through quality customer - supplier relationships.

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