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Join us for a CSD Sponsored Session at WCQI

By Barbara Peck posted 02/14/24 01:32 PM


Don't Miss our Customer-Supplier Sponsored Session at WCQI

Score your Resilience to Design a Robust Supply Chain
Wednesday, May 15, 2024 • San Diego, CA 

Presented by: Russell Snyder, Intel - Retired
Area of Focus: Shaping Processes
Session Level: Intermediate

I worked in the semiconductor supply chain for 23 years. The only certainty was that both supply and demand
were uncertain. Risks were never fully understood no matter how in depth the qualification was or the risk audit
was. Even before the pandemic we faced some dramatic supply/demand mismatches. Some involved not
understanding the customer and some involved not understanding supply flexibility and the constraints that limit
it. In many of the situations we found ourselves in we used knowledge workers with masters degrees to meet
daily with suppliers to push them to ship us more parts. This was a totally reactive approach to supply chain
management with highly educated employees. By starting your supply chain design with business continuity
risks understood, as much as possible, we can design a more resilient supply network to mitigate those known
risks and possibilities that can derail the financial stability of the enterprise. Understanding business continuity
risks, given certain disruptions, can allow us to understand the resilience of the "As is" supply value chain and
design the "to be" to withstand some uncertainty.

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