Supplier Auditing… A Necessary Evil
Ugh! Auditing suppliers is a necessary evil… but without doing them, we risk placing business with an “unknown commodity”. NOBODY LIKES BEING AUDITED! The supplier does not want you there, interrupting their day and poking around in their operations. You dread it because of the planning and coordination it requires, and the potential confrontation when it comes to interpreting standards for compliance or scoring. And it’s not done there… you expect follow-up on shortcomings and they really don’t want to do that either.

So… how do you do supplier audits that bring value to both you and the suppliers. This session will primarily address Motorola’s approach to Baldrige-level Quality Systems Review (QSR). However, their system was 92 questions long, was often overwhelming to smaller suppliers or those with immature quality systems. With the goal of understanding their existing systems, and motivating them to upgrade it, this presentation will explain the speaker’s approach to conducting audits that enable positive change.

Presented by: John Breckline, Key Quality Consulting
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Wednesday June 10th, 2020 5:34am

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