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Innovation Day

Innovation Day 2021

Theme: Intersectional Global Value

Partner Event: American Society for Quality Innovation Technical Community, Global Innovation Institute (GInI), UMD College Park IEEE R2 Student Branch
Learn. Grow. Lead Innovatively

Join us for an exciting line-up of INNOVATION oriented keynotes, in-depth topic speakers, practitioner and student lightening-talk sessions, panel discussions, workshops, round-tables, meet the author sessions, and a diversity-oriented networking experience.

Innovation is at the forefront of the world's leader's minds, especially focused on:
  • How to best harness innovation to bolster their operational and performance excellence levels, heighten their value proposition, increase their profits, and drive cultural and sustainable leadership and workforce changes that allow them to perform at a higher level and constantly innovate for heightened impact and service.
Attend, engage, discuss, and learn how Innovation enables and empowers you and your organization's ongoing success!

Learn. Grow. Lead Innovatively

View our Innovation Day program here. You are sure to love the diverse, innovation thought leaders that have stepped up to enable your programs to realize value early out of the starting gate.

Please register here:

Be a GREAT INNOVATION GLOBAL CITIZEN: All proceeds go to funding our inaugural ASQ Innovation Scholarship.
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Friday October 15th, 2021 9:00am CDT
End Date & Time
Friday October 15th, 2021 5:00pm CDT
Online via WebEx and using other Collaboration Tools
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ASQ Innovation TC Chair: Dr. Rhonda Farrell

ASQ Innovation TC Officers:  Chair-Elect: Mr. Larry Miller Secretary: Mr. Imran Rana Treasurer: Ms. Krystle Ziegler, Past Chair & Nominations: Mr. Dan Jones

ASQ Innovation TC Executive Advisors: Jane Keathley, Ron Makar, Peter Merrill, Jim Nelson, Tracy Owens

ASQ Innovation TC Leaders & Micro-Volunteers:  Body of Knowledge: Jim Nelson, Peter Merrill; Certification: Jane Keathley; Conferences: Rajeev Chadha, Akilesh Gulati, Dr. Mahmoud Rawan; BLOGs: Reese Eskridge; Executive Programs: Mark Alarik; Innovation in Action: Sanja Monteiro; Internal Initiatives: Lila Carden, Tim Dalton, Rebecca Mott, Katelyn O’Gorman; Newsletter Editor: Imran Rana;  Next Gen Leaders / Students: Mr. David Greer, Mr. Akilesh Varma Kosuri, Ms. Sharie Roesner; Outreach: Dr. Rhonda Farrell; Section / TC / Strategic Partnership Liaisons: Kimberly Johnson; Tools: Ved Munbodh, Anil Reddy Sanikommu; Webinars: Dawn Hashemi; iBOK Committee: Zakariya S. Al-Helal, Reese Eskridge, Dr. Mingxuan Fan, Zac Jarrard, Jackie Jolly, Sharon McNair; ASQ DCI Segment Personnel: Segment Leader: Grace Duffy; Segment Facilitator: Polly LeBarron; Segment Managers: Katie Chitwood, Barbara Peck
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Our team of experienced member leaders has over 1,000 hours of presentation experience and over 10,000 pages of published material.  Let us talk with you about spreading your message of innovation to a growing audience of like-minded and curious individuals.  Please write to Mr. Tracy Owens to discuss your ideas or plans and we will help you develop, publish, present, or enhance your story.  You can get your name in print or in a program this year!
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Date & Time: 10/15/2021 10:00:00 AM EDT

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