What if we stay virtual for the rest of 2020 and need help to do it? Please weigh in!!
Hello Section 1202! I am posting this and looking for LIKE, SHARES, and especially REPLIES!   😁

As of this writing, ASQ headquarters (HQ) is strongly recommending that all ASQ sections continue to provide great learning content and networking and offer it virtually. The guidance from the CDC and from the state of WI have indicated that this is a prudent move for any organization that wants to engage with its members. The all volunteer Milwaukee section leadership is discussing virtual needs at our leadership meeting on August 3rd. We will update the membership via this discussion board as well as with an email to all members. 

Some of the Milwaukee section leaders are hard at work to identify 2 speakers a month to provide great learning opportunities for our members. With the virtual options we now have through ASQ HQ, member friends from sections around the East North Central region are starting to collaborate to bring you even more learning and networking opportunities. This is a really exciting time for the section. We have new member friends in Saginaw, MI, Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH, Knoxville, TN, and of course, WI.  

We need to hear from you! In order to balance the workload and provide excellent member value, the section leaders are seeking volunteers to fill committees. What kinds of volunteers do we need? Glad you asked! Would you like to be a virtual session host? Would you host a virtual networking event on a favorite topic? We are currently using WebEx for our virtual platform. Maybe emailing out RU certs using a nifty email merge program would be something you could do for a hour a month. Want to help plan the 2021 Education Event? Are you a social media person and might like to help us have more of a presence on LinkedIn? Maybe Facebook? Are you a senior member and would you serve as a mentor for an ASQ member who is starting his/her career? This is an excellent chance for you to give back to the section as a volunteer. You receive RUs and great PR for getting involved in the section. Can you give us 2-3 hours per month? That's really all it takes. We are looking for at least 15 interested people. Please private email your interest to Jodi McMahon at 63medley@gmail.com with the subject line - YES, I Want to Volunteer.  

Enjoy the day!
Jodi Mc. 
2020 Chair for Section 1202