ASQ Journals - $63 incentive to upgrade from Professional to Senior Member (call ASQ Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946 to confirm)
This is a message to all QMD members who are currently Professional Members of ASQ.

First, congratulations on your affiliation with ASQ.  i hope you find this to be compatible with your personal and professional goals.  As a reward for your loyalty and commitment to the Quality profession, ASQ extends the opportunity for advanced recognition as a Senior Member.  Consider this from a cost-benefit perspective:

ASQ collects $169 for Professional, Senior, and Fellow Members.  However, Senior and Fellow members get a choice of a perk which includes getting a $63 annual subscription to an ASQ journal.

I subscribe to both Software Quality Professional and Lean & Six Sigma Review; and find them to be relevant and thought-provoking.

If you are a Professional Member with 10 years of Quality experience, a renewable ASQ certification, or other professional accomplishments, you may be eligible to upgrade your membership to ASQ Senior Member and immediately yield additional benefits, which includes the selection of an ASQ journal for free.  I have attached an application form and provided the link below to enable your upgrade

From a cost benefit perspective, upgrading from Professional to Senior member is a Quick Win.
Cost: 0
Immediate Benefit: $63/169 or 37% recovery of annual dues
Additional Benefit: Better overall ASQ membership experience

Quality Managers must be well-versed and well-read, and ASQ journals support this continuous growth.  Knowledge is power, and power leads to impact and influence.

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In the pre-Covid era, ASQ Senior Members would receive a special lapel pin (I still have mine, along with my ASQ Fellow pin).  

In the virtual era, what would be the digital equivalent of a lapel pin?
I upgraded to senior member last year and did not receive a lapel pin. Is it possible to get one of those?
i didn't see anything online.  you could try contacting ASQ Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946

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