Management Support in DMAIC
An excellent question was raised in our December Program meeting following a presentation on Six Sigma in the Toy & Juvenile Products Industry: "Which, if any, steps of DMAIC have you struggled with management most to implement?"  (Thank you Gabriel Lewis, ASU Student)

A great topic for member discussion and collaboration!  What have been your experiences?
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I have struggled with the Improvement stage. 
Encounter organizational roadblocks.
Resources needed for implementation had no priority to work on the project. Team members said they were fully occupied and had no time to work on the assigned tasks.
I noticed overall resistance to implementing changes. Employees made comments such as we have done it this way for years, why bother making changes 
GE introduced its CAP methodology (Change Acceleration Process) prior to launching its Six Sigma corporate initiative. One can perform an online search to find a treasure trove of GE Change Acceleration steps and tools, such as assessing the organization's Change Readiness, identifying the key stakeholders, developing an influence strategy, documenting "more of - less of" changes to help sell the change, communicating a transition map through the "crazy time" of implementing change while also meeting customer demand, etc. and tools.

A key tactic to lock in a change is to make it "painful" (exceedingly difficult) to revert to the old way of doing things.