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ASQ Montreal — Business Plan 2024 — Q1 Report (2024.04.30)

By Jean-Pierre Amiel posted 05/02/24 02:53 PM



ASQ Montreal — Business Plan 2024 — Q1 Report

By J.P.  Amiel, ASQ Senior, CQA ret., Web Committee Chair

Back in September 2023, I presented what your Montreal Section leadership team was looking ahead for the 2024 line-up of action plans based on ASQ’s continuing development of its own Strategic Plan. Basically, our Business Plan lists what steps the section will be taking to achieve specific goals. It is broken down into actionable steps that can be easily followed and tracked so as to clarify what resources will be required to reach it within a specific timeline. Here is the status of our goals and what we have accomplished so far in the first quarter of 2024. As for the 2024 Business Plan Objectives, we are proud to report that for the 27 objectives that we defined, so far 24 are 90% completed, 22 at 80% and 19 at 70%. What a Q1 report, indeed!

Montreal Section objective aligned with ASQ Strategic Goal Target Q1
1. DELIVER MEMBER VALUE: Design programs and initiatives that are diversified and add value to membership, meet/exceed their identified needs and expectations and support the Mission of ASQ. Think out of the Box to WOW members.
1.1 Deliver events and opportunities that address evolving needs of current and next generation quality professionals to ensure each has an optimized member experience. 8 5
1.2 Help quality professionals understand how they can guide their organizations by leveraging standards to achieve operational excellence by publishing multimedia on the use of standards. 3 -
2. ENHANCE THE ASQ BRAND AND PUBLIC IMAGE: Highlight Quality experts and provide Quality knowledge growth opportunities in your community and others.
2.1 Create opportunities to showcase knowledge of Quality subject matter experts by publishing multimedia on ASQ Montreal Section subject matter experts. 3 -
2.2 Generate opportunities for training, learning, and education in Quality:
• Offer and publicize the offering of ASQ certification preparation courses; 9 4
• Promote ASQ in local industry conferences by attending local industry conferences with the intent to promote ASQ; 1 -
• Conduct Student Outreach events by doing networking session with educational institution(s)/students; 1 1
• Recognize section leaders and/or members: Present awards to section leaders and/or members having demonstrated section leadership and involvement. 2 -
3. DELIVER OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Leverage the expertise of Quality Professionals to ensure best practices in Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) culture, member experiences, efficient operations, access to quality content and education, governance, and financial responsibility are implemented to support ASQ and Geographic Communities.
3.1  Advance a culture of DEI&B to make the Society a place everyone feels welcome:
• Engage francophone members and customers through sponsored French professional events; 2 2
• Have Section Leadership Team (SLT) attend a course on DEI&B; 1 -
• Develop a DEI&B plan. 1 -
3.2 Deliver a greater member experience and make it easier for ASQ members to participate and make their voices heard:
• Issue regular newsletters throughout the active part of the year; 9 4
• Post content on myASQ website targeting member feedback. 4 -
3.3 Drive efficiency and manage resources responsibly by meeting the approved budget bottom line and taking into account adjustments made throughout the year. 1 -
3.4 Contribute content to the myASQ community site to reach members across channels by posting content on the Montreal Section myASQ website. 4 4
3.5 Create meaningful learning and networking opportunities.
• Conduct in-person networking session with members; 2 -
• Conduct networking session with educational institution(s)/students. 1 1
3.6 Deliver Geographic Community minimum requirements:
• Acknowledge the Member Unit Operating Agreement (MUOA); 1 1
• All Member Leaders complete General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) training; 100% -
• Deliver member value by conducting member events; 4 4
• Conduct Section Leadership Committee (SLC) meetings; 4 4
• Participate in Geographic Community Council’s (GCC) meetings or trainings; 4 3
• Submit officers list using Committee Manager and after having conducted the elections; 1 1
• Prepare and submit yearly business plan and budget to RD for approval; 1 1
• Member value by posting content on myASQ; 4 4
• Submit ASQ Community Annual Report in Q1 by communicated deadline; 1 1
• Submit year end financial report, if applicable (not required for sections on Billhighway); 1 1
• Sustain the section's leadership team by recruiting section members to join the Section Leadership Team (SLT). 1 -

We look forward to seeing you at our events and should you decide to help us in our endeavours, we will make room around the Section Leadership meeting table. We'd love to hear from you here.