Ideas? - What kind of virtual events would you like to see offered by the ASQ 1300 section?
Tell us what you'd like to see offered by the ASQ 1300 Section as virtual events for the coming months. Here are some ideas:

Virtual Tours
Certification Study Groups
Dinner Meeting with Presentations
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Overviews of ISO standards relevant to industries in Colorado.
Dinner Tours,
Basic Quality Tools Workshop,

Thanks Linda,

John Fuschino 
Hi, I'm going to say, I love the idea of a facility virtual tour, Amazon Warehouse, or a strong VMI vendor. 
We would have to construct it as a win-win in regards to having a company liason to facilitate the recording and review session with members.
But the Sharing company would need to get ROI on the share by hearing a review and discussion of the tour by diverse member population observations and recommendations for improvements.

This could also be the pilot of a chapter revenue driving opportunity, but there is definately a win-win without it!