June 10th, Toronto section Webinar
Yan Xu
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“The People, Processes and Technology Required to Successfully Connect Functional Safety and Quality Risk Management”



The automotive manufacturing landscape is changing at an incredible pace. Virtually every corner of the sector is in some way being altered by the presence of new technology, processes and products.
This includes the dramatic rise of artificial intelligence, a focus on the adoption of “Industry 4.0” (connected plants) and an industry-wide shift toward digital transformation. Even more specifically, we see the advent of ADAS (Assisted Driver Assisted Systems) in vehicles that serves as a lynch-pin for the safety of consumers looking to move towards a “driverless” future. These changes have formed a new reality for quality engineers in the automotive sector. As with everything else that comes with technology advancement, reliance on new technologies and processes creates dependencies, and should they fail the results can be catastrophic.
To ensure the safety of consumers and to keep-up with the rapid pace that the industry is experiencing, automotive businesses and their quality engineering teams must look for new ways to ensure their Safety and Quality Risk Management efforts are permanently intertwined. At current, this has proved to be extremely challenging for most in the industry.
Complex businesses, including both OEMs and suppliers, must now invest in the people, processes and technology required to meet launch deadlines while delivering on the safety, quality and reliability requirements of the future. The model, referred to by some as “Quality 4.0”, is set to redefine the way automotive businesses operate and should inspire immediate change around the industry. This presentation will help define strategies for engineering practitioners and leaders seeking new ideas for managing quality risk and rapidly changing safety considerations in the automotive business.


Desmond Mahadeo,
Plato North America Inc
Mr. Mahadeo is currently the Manager, Project Management at PLATO North America. He is Mechanical Engineer, Certified Quality Engineer (ASQ) and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He brings more than two decades of experience in Quality Management, Operations Management, Consulting and teaching and has served the Automotive Industry as well as other sectors from Manufacturing to Service and Distribution, Logistics and Warehousing

As the Past Deputy Regional Director (ASQ) for Canada, and the Chair Elect for the ASQ Toronto section, he had presented on Organizational Excellence, Risk Management and led workshops on Quality and Continuous Improvement.

Desmond is an active member representing Canada to the ISO Technical Committee TC279, that has published the Innovation Management System standard, ISO56002:2019,, and is currently contributing and collaborating on development of the Strategic Intelligence Management Standard, ISO 56006 to be published in 2021
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This is the link:Connecting Functional Safety and Quality 
Connecting Functional Safety and Quality Risk Management