Freedom of Speech
Dan Burrows
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Freedom of Speech…

Even though ASQ dropped having the A stand for “American”, I do believe that there are some American values that benefit the world as a whole and our Society in particular.

One of these is the Freedom of Speech.

A lot has been going on with ASQ the past several years as part of ASQ Transformation resulting in the steepest decline in ASQ’s membership and finances in our history.  For 2019 alone, ASQ’s membership likely declined another 10% and ASQ lost over $2 million.

Yet we as Members are not allowed to question this or raise objections and, if we do, our posts are quickly censored and deleted.  The talking points and FAQs being sent to us say everything is fine and we are poised for growth.  The data tells a very different story and as Quality professionals we know to trust the data.

I encourage those who seek to get ASQ back on the right track and to Restore ASQ to join the Restore ASQ group on LinkedIn