FTC Short Course - Full Day

Advanced Quality Control Methods: CUSUM and EWMA Procedures

This course will discuss CUSUM (Cumulative Summation) and EWMA (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average) Procedures for Quality Control Applications. The presenter is a consultant and researcher who was an integral part of the largest known implementation of CUSUM procedures. He has guided many successful implementations of these procedures and was the developer of many of the most used enhancements. This will be a “hands on” course with discussions of real problems and workshops to practice using the techniques. You will come from this course knowing how to use these procedures to monitor a process (and to detect problems). The course knowledge will enhance your data analysis skills. Both variables and count data (including procedures for rare events) will be discussed. Comparisons with classical Shewhart procedures will be given throughout the course to show where these advanced procedures have large benefits. The prerequisite for the course is a quality control course or some implementation experience.