Isn't TWEF Supposed To Be All About Collaboration?

Why yes, yes it is. We can’t very well have great teamwork without it, can we?

That’s why Norm and I have committed to this group being the most highly-collaborative forum ASQ has. We even have a metric tracking decisions made collaboratively with the membership as a whole (the target’s 80%).

How will we achieve this objective?

By leveraging myASQ as much as we possibly can. We’ll be conducting regular polls and posting proposed decisions so that each and every one of our members has a chance to comment on and improve them. As engagement grows, we’ll be chartering sub-teams to problem-solve and set the course for the group. At this moment we have 3,480 members---that’s over three thousand minds potentially to be brought to bear on big, complex issues. We want to engage ALL of them! It’s like having a rather large company standing by to help with the work of this group, which is making work better for everyone.

Norm and I would also like to thank Chair Emeritus Jeremiah Genest for his passion and creativity. Jeremiah, you inspire us all! (Now please sign up for a podcast guest slot).