Name Our New TWEF Podcast

Norm Howe and I are embarking on a new podcast to carry TWEF’s “fearless” message to the streets. Every other week, we will come together with special guests to talk about highly relevant topics: driving fear out of the workplace, building strong teams, and making the workplace more human.

Of course, people won’t listen to The Podcast With No Name unless they’re Clint Eastwood fans, so we need your help. ASQ TWEF Podcast only excites Scrabble players. What should we call this podcast?

Any savvy marketing superstar who comes up with the winning name---and we intend to put this all to a vote over the next few weeks on myASQ, so be sure to check in there----is going to win a signed copy of my book, “Culture Is Everything”, mailed free to their home or PO box. (If you prefer an unsigned copy, it’ll cost extra! 😊)

Crowdsourcing is all the rage among the Internet generation, so let’s give it a shot and brand this bad boy.

1st episode should be out in early March on all major podcast platforms. Watch this space for more.

11 Replies

Podcast name: This Week in Team Excellence

TWEF'N Out! or TWEF'N Out with Jeff & Norm

A very majestic suggestion, Diane!

Think Joe Jackson might let us repurpose his 80s hit for our theme song, Lisa? “Feeelins, TWEF’n ouuuuuuttt…..”

Podcast name: The Workplace

Imaging a podcast with content and title that changes with the theme. I think you hit it, Jeff: Fearless

Otherwise I like Saleh's The Work Place (maybe separate word for Place, as this is where you go for great information about work and teams)

That's pretty to the point, Saleh!

Fearless has a nice ring to it for sure, Susan!

How about this for a Podcast Name: This Could Work

I like it---very clever, Daniel!