The Catalyst discussion thread
Change Management is really a central part of the quality profession, and something I'm very passionate about. I've been wanting to read The Catalyst since we started this book club and I am looking forward to discussing the book with everyone.

I am looking forward to folk's thoughts on how to use this in your projects and transformations, how it fits within traditional change management models and it's relevance to day-to-day activities in your teams and workplace. 

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I'm getting a late start on the book, hope to make it.  I tried to register for the author's discuss but the URL doesn't seem to work.
I took a look at the event link, and it seems to work (and a few people have registered with it), maybe try to cut&paste it?

If that doesn't work, I can register you.
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Jeremiah Genest‍ I also had trouble with the registration link in the text of your post. However, I went to the event page and was able to register with that link.
I've actually already had occasion to intentionally and successfully employ one of the "Catalyst" techniques in the last few days in a difficult situation. Worked like a charm! That was rather fun.

On another front, I also came to realize that I'm also in a more drawn out process of attempting to surface the costs of sticking with the status quo -- without recognizing that's what I'm doing. The jury is still out on whether that effort is going to succeed, however.
Love to hear more about the use of the technique!

I too am utilizing shrinking distance a lot. I've recently started a new job during the pandemic, so I'm working in a new role with a lot of fellow leaders who I have never mt face-to-face, in a culture that up to now has been very much based on person-to-person interactions and a "we are in the office" attitude. I'm coming in with a hefty mandate that will radically change the way certain things are done, and discovering lots of little technology projects that could actually trip up transformative activities if not properly coordinated.

So the practice of shrinking the distance has been very valuable to me.

Start by asking less - Instead of starting from the approach of "Technology projects fail because of these reasons so instead we will do this," I have been spending a lot of time being "here's a slight thing we can also do during this project that will help ready us for the future"

The movabale middle is where I am focusing most of my effort right now. I think identifying them is a little exhaustive as a new comer to an organization. Looking forward to discussing that with Jonah on Thursday.

Deep canvassing is such a great addition to my quality toolkit and it's nice to know the term for this and learn there is a body of knowledge to tap into. I like to think I've done this before, but having a term and body of practice is exciting. I am definitely going to continue to work on and refine this skill set. I'm very curious what others think of it? Do you see this as a usable skill? How are you, or would you, put this into practice in your own organizations?