Book Club Best Practice
Please discuss issues related to management and execution of the book club here. Topics are rules, etiquette, best practices and above all improvement ideas.
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For those looking to order May's book now, our March survey selected The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind  by Jonah Berger.
At the request of the author we are pushing out The Catalyst to June. For May we will read Jeff Veyera's Culture is Everything. I think people will greatly enjoy this book, and I'm excited to read it with you. Jeff is a long-time ASQ member and will be joining us for live author events. The book is available as both a hardcopy and a pdf from the ASQ Press.

I'll post a separate thread on this soon.

I know some folks, like me, were looking forward to Jonah's book. We'll still have the opportunity, but I believe everyone will really enjoy Culture is Everything.