WCQI Planning for Team and Workplace Excellence Forum

Team and Workplace Excellence Forum Members,

I hope as you have been planning your 2020 events you are attending the ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI), where you can join over 2000 of our quality peers. This is a great conference, and I hope you areable to join us.

The Team and Workplace Excellence Forum will have a booth at this year’s conference and we hope you will stop by, or even volunteer to spend some time working the booth.

We are planning to try a few different team building activities and would love for you to participate.

This year at WCQI, Division meetings are a little different. Sunday will be dedicated to the Community Leadership Institute, so Sunday is not a Division day, as it has been in the past. In brainstorming innovative offerings, we would like to propose a workshop for Wednesday morning to continue to develop our body of knowledge and help answer the question of what we mean when we say we want a culture of quality and excellence. Starting with an overview of the beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviors, and practices that build our organizations, this workshop will also cover how culture is made up of the symbols, power structures, organizational structures, control systems, rituals & routines, and stories of a group.

This workshop will draw heavily from current research and best practices drawn from several companies and will be informed by the conference participants own experiences, gathered through:

  1. A survey sent out before the conference
  2. Several activities at the Team and Workplace Excellence Forum’s booth
  3. Interviews conducted during the conference

Then in the workshop participants use that gathered date to learn how to gather data, evaluate data and build an action plan. By the end of the workshop an action plan will be built to help build the tools that drive a culture of excellence.

In order to gauge interest and to plan for WCQI we request that you complete the following survey to let us know your plans for WCQI and your interest in attending this event.

Members of the forum received an email with a personalized survey link, but everyone can take the survey here: https://asq.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3KJwjdT8hpKR81L

Feedback and questions are appreciated.