Teams that are Remote Working - Have you done this?
Many of us are now remote working. Many more of us will be soon.

Have you had a group conversation about the new state of affairs? You need to say, “Hey, folks, it’s a different world. We don’t know how long this is going to last. But I want to make sure you all feel you have what you need.” This should be followed by a team launch to jump-start this new way of working.

Things to agree upon:
  1. How often should we communicate?
  2. Should it be video, phone, or Slack/Jive/Yammer. If you’re not using one of those instant messaging systems, should you?
  3. What’s the best way f to work together? You’ve got to help people understand how to do this and give them confidence that it work.
Have you done a kickoff for remote working? What went well? What could be improved? If you haven't, what is your next steps to ensure your team works well together remotely?
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Things to consider having in your work agreement:
  • Create a space to chat about non-work related topics. For example, if you use Teams or Slack, create a #water-cooler channel and make it public to everyone.
  • Check-in with your team every morning. This allows all team members to share their experiences and thoughts.
  • Start meetings with a check-in where everyone can express their mindset. An example is ‘Mad/Sad/Glad/Afraid’.
  • Plan an hour a day where everyone is connected with the video switched on if possible.
  • Arrange virtual coffee breaks to allow informal chatting. As an example, schedule a 15-minute call with your team at 11 AM every day.