About Us - 2020
- L'équipe de direction 2020 Leadership Team -
1. Officers/Officiers (* ASQ requirement)
Section Chair*: Eric Hosking
Vice Chair: Chantale Simard
Secretary*: Raymond Dyer
Treasurer*: Robert Fairbairn
2. Other/Autres Positions (Chairs and committee members, * ASQ requirement)
Membership Chair*: Eric Hosking
Nominating Chair*: Sam Weissfelner (Committee members: Jean-Pierre Amiel and Inteaz Alli)
Audit Chair*: Jean-Pierre Amiel
QMP (Quality Management Plan) Chair: Chantale Simard
Historian: Inteaz Alli
Program Chair: Sabrina Ippolito (Committee members: Raymond Dyer, Veronica Marquez and Sam Weissfelner)
Events Chair: Sabrina Ippolito with David Tozer
Arrangements Chair: Sam Weissfelner (Committee members: David Tozer (Event Registrations), Jean-Pierre Amiel (Webex Host))
Education Chair: David Tozer (514-694-2830)
Recertification Chair: David Tozer (514-694-2830)
Newsletter Editor: Michael Bournazian
Internet Liaison: Raymond Dyer (514-571-5004)
Social Media Chair: Chantale Simard
Student Outreach Committee Chair: Veronica Marquez (Committee members: Farnoosh Naderkhani and Raymond Dyer)
Web Site Committee Chair: Jean-Pierre Amiel (Committee members: Chantale Simard, Michael Bournazian,
Veronica Marquez and Raymond Dyer
** = As of 2020-02-20
Updated: 2020-05-31