Question 1: What, if anything, does the division provide that is valuable to you?
Please let us know what keeps you as a member of HD&L by hitting "Reply" and commenting on this post. 
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For me it provides a community of like-minded individuals, caring about human potential and leadership goals. 
Hi Carolann, 

I agree heartily!  There is nothing like having a discussion with a group of people who are in your field, but have differing directions for their passion.  It has lead to me authoring primers and workshops and thereby learning more about leadership topics I may never have explored on my own.  Last year we had several members collaborate on Primers.  It resulted in some awesome additions to our Body of Knowledge and allowed the authors to expand their network and have some fun!  
The webinars are excellent.  I'm very excited to get more involved in updating the BoK, to exercise my writing skills.  The division provides a wealth of knowledge and opportunity - I really enjoy my membership and get a lot out of it.
Anything and everything I can get my hands on with respect to effective coaching and mentoring.
Well, Dan (may I call you Dan?) you are in luck.  We are kicking off a mentoring and coaching program in 2019, so if you, or any of our members are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, HD&L is the place for you!  Lisa Simpkins is our Mentoring Program Leader, so please drop her a line if you would like to play along!  Lisa Simpkins <>
Hi Shannon,

So glad you enjoy the webinars, we have seen attendance grow this year by holding them around lunch as to opposed to after work.  As for the primers, well, those are our main method for building our body of knowledge - and they are fun to write.  Have you or our other members answered Charlie Barton/ Lukas Cap's call for primer authors?  If you, like Shannon would like to exercise your writing skills, drop tone of them a line at and, respectively.  

And, if you would like to suggest a webinar for 2019, maybe even present one yourself, contact our webinar chairs Kiran Mann or Sidita Hasi or