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Jeremiah Genest
The day is coming where parts of my team will be returning to the office. However, the days of expecting everyone to ...
Jeremiah Genest Apr '21
Norm Howe Norm Howe Apr '21
Will this be all day?
I'm doing an all-day workshop yes. Here's the more detailed agenda.

Team Offsite.docx
Catherine Johannes
Hi Team and Workplace Excellence Forum! There's so much buzz around industry 4.0 and quality. How do you see ...
Great question Catherine, and one that I'm all-in for discussing, This will be a big thread I hope through the ...
The acatech Industry 4.0 maturity index has some great things in it, and most of section 4 "Industrie 4.0 ...
I think a lot of companies have quality 4.0 initiatives that involve better use of data. Kenett and Redman (2019) ...
Janet Lentz
” We are constantly being put to the test by trying circumstances and difficult people and problems not ...
Janet Lentz Apr '22

Thank you for this GREAT POST @Janet Lentz ! You are the first place winner for content creation in the new portal!!

Jeremiah Genest
In the article " What a Year of WFH Has Done to Our Relationships at Work " at HBR the authors discuss the impact of the ...
Jeremiah Genest Mar '21
Norm Howe
Our desire for innovation can keep us from seeing one of the most powerful paths to progress: subtraction. ...
Norm Howe 13h
Norm Howe
Google analyzed the factors that make a work team successful. They found five that were important. Of those five, ...
Norm Howe Mar '22

Brings us back to Deming and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: we can't do much when we're afraid for our own survival.

I completely agree that psychological safety comes first. We should recognize that this is a significant ...

Jeremiah Genest
I'm preparing to do video interviews with our C-suite and other key leaders to discuss why quality is important. ...
Jeremiah Genest Feb '21
What would it mean to the company if every one of our customers loved our products and services and how they get them?
Janet Lentz
What’s the goal? Is it making more money? Having a glitzy job title? Leading a large team? Climbing to the C-Suite? ...
Jeffrey Veyera
Or at the very least have something interesting to say about driving fear out of the workplace? We’re looking for ...
Jeffrey Veyera Feb '22
Jeffrey Veyera
There are a lot of other demands on our time these days: work, family, exercise, hobbies, glowing screens of all ...
Jeffrey Veyera Dec '21

Interesting question! There is so much people can contribute to ASQ to make it a successful organization. One of my ...

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