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Purpose: The purpose of Innovation is to create novel things and ideas that make people happy. The purpose of Innovation Management is to structure and organize our collaboration, leading to ideation, inspiration, and creativity. The purpose of ASQ Innovation is to leverage the disciplines of excellence in quality to realize the purpose of Innovation Management.

Vision: To lead the development of innovation thought and practice in our ASQ community, and to share these things in ways that benefit our professional quality world at large.

Mission: To realize the Innovation Vision by working:

1. To publish the ASQ Innovation Body of Knowledge (IBOK), to guide education and credentialing for Innovation expertise.
2. To deliver Innovation thought and practice through consistent presence online and in-person. This means speaking engagements, collaborative workshops, and ASQ conferences.
3. To welcome and engage collaborative partnership with ASQ member units to advance the Innovation Vision.
4. To welcome and engage collaborative partnership with organizations that associate with ASQ.

2023 Innovation Team – Officers


Ms. Rebecca Mott


Ms. Michelle Vargas


Ms. Jackie Jolly


Mr. Larry Miller

Immediate Past Chair & Nominations

Mr. Larry Miller


  2023 Innovation Team – Executive Advisors & Founding Leaders


Dr. Rhonda Farrell

Executive Advisor

Jane Keithley

Executive Advisor

Ron Makar

Executive Advisor

Peter Merrill

Co-Chair iBok

Jim Nelson

Co-Chair iBok

Tracy Owens

Executive Advisor


2023 Innovation Team – Committee Leaders and Micro-Volunteers

Zakariya Al-Helal

myASQ, iBoK

Kimberly Johnson

Section Liaison

Mark Alarik

Executive Programs

Sharon McNair

iBoK Committee

Lila Carden

Process Improvement

Jacqueline Jolly

iBoK Committee

Tim Dalton

Appointments Chair

Ved Munbodh

Innovation Tools, Content

Dr. Mingxuan Fan


Katelyn O’Gorman

Data Visualization

Cyndy Fuchigami

Membership, Marketing

Imran Rana

Newsletter Chair

Akhilesh Gulati


Stephanie Thompson

NextGen Chair

2023 Innovation Team – TCC DCI Segment Leaders

Frank Murdock

Segment Leader

Stephanie Gaulding

Segment Facilitator

Barbara Peck, Cara Fitzgerald

Segment Manager / Support

ASQ Innovation TC Leadership History
2023 - Ms. Rebecca Mott
2022 - Mr. Larry Miller
2021 - Dr. Rhonda Farrell
2020 - Mr. Dan Jones
2019 - Mr. Jose Valdivia
2018 - Mr. Tracy Owens
2017 - Ms. Jane Keathley
2016 - Mr. Ian Meggarrey
2015 - Mr. Peter Merrill (Reached Division / Technical Community Status)
2013 - 2014 - ASQ Innovation Special Interest Group
2010 - 2012 - QMD Technical Committee: Jane Keathley Launched
ASQ Innovation TC YouTube Channel Library



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