In person meetings for Ann Arbor ASQ 1010.... We will be virtual for the foreseeable future based on ASQ Guidance....

The big idea is that in-person meetings are allowed with a 'waiver' but not encouraged. I'm still actively seeking a venue that will host about 40 people (and their pizza / subs or salads) but this guidance says not to purposefully plan an in-person meeting.

​​​​​​​Stay tuned, our October and November meetings will remain WebEx only, but will still allow the .5 RU of a regular section meeting.

This is from ASQ:
  • At the local level, if you have an event already scheduled and choose to go forward with it as an in-person event, you’ll need each attendee to sign a waiver.
    • Go to (sign into myASQ first, then select this link) to access the waiver (the same waiver is also listed as a resource in the main Member Leader community on myASQ).
    • Save signed copies of the waiver from your attendees to your Section SharePoint for reference. Suggestion is to email to registrants in advance and have them sign and email back if possible rather than collecting “at the door”.
  • As you schedule any additional events for the balance of this year, please plan them as virtual for the health and safety of all our members.
News Ann Arbor Section 1010 09/12/2021 6:29am CDT


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