ASQ Toronto is launching the myASQ website

Dear ASQ Toronto (402) members, 

Thanks for the long waiting. ASQ Toronto finally launches the new myASQ website. For so many years, our own domain served us. We updated website several times in the last 10 years. The website was our home. However, due to the limited resources, we were not capable to providing the best user experience. Since 2019, we got the support from our headquarter that we are now launching the new ASQ Toronto (402) website. 

This new website will provide not only an information publishing but also an integrated platform and forums for members. We can post a discussion, we can share photos, files, videos and events. We are literally connected to all the members. There are tons of new things to try and welcome to the new home of ASQ Toronto! 

At the same time, will be supported for another one year as transition time. Please bookmark our new website and try to use it. If there are any questions about the website, please feedback to for now. 

Thank you and enjoy! 

webmaster of ASQ  Toronto
News Toronto Section 09/24/2019 7:27pm CDT


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