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In this edition we bring you the following exciting innovation information:
Innovation Technical Community Elections
In a historic first for our Innovation Technical Community, we are having an election for our Chair-Elect 2023. Our candidates include:
Zakariya Al-Helal
Imran Rana
Michelle Vargas
You should receive your electronic ballot via your ASQ registered email address during the week of September 12, 2022. Voting will remain open until Friday, September 30, 2022. This timeframe was modified to keep voting open through October 03, 2022.

Innovation in Action – Thought Leadership
Innovation in Action global articles, coupled with innovation resources you can use with your organizations, leaders, and teams today!
  • Capgemini – The Evolving Role of the Chief Innovation Officer
  • The TQM Journal – On the application of Lean principles and practices to innovation management: A systemic review
  • European Journal of Innovation Management – The evolution of innovation management towards contextual innovation
  • Harvard Business Review – Don’t Let Hierarchy Stifle Innovation
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Innovation Trends 2022 - 2030
Innovation in Action
Events of Note
Dr. Bettina von Stamm
Friday, September 23, 2022
Description: The 21st century is nothing like we have experienced before: whether it is the still ongoing pandemic, increasing averse climate and weather related records, the 6th wave of mass extinction, or the economic crises that are expected as a consequence of all of it. In order to steer our planet towards a sustainable path, incremental innovation is no longer enough. What is required is transformation, and radically re-thinking the way we ‘do things around here’. Bettina will share her thoughts on what has led us to where we are and why collaboration and a different style of leadership are essential for moving forward.
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Digital Quality Leadership: A New Look at Change

Dr. Nicole Radziwill
Thursday, October 27, 2022
7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Eastern
Description: Digital transformation attracts funding because companies are anxious to capture competitive advantage through new technologies like IoT, AI, and ML. But because excitement runs ahead of results, between 70-90% of digital transformation initiatives to date have failed. Although Industry 4.0 only emerged as a theme over the past decade, digital transformation started in the early 1970s, when PLCs were first introduced to industrial environments. Stories of digital transformation in each decade that span the boundaries between business models, quality management, software, and systems reveal actionable patterns we can use to dominate with digital - even as we anticipate new innovations like NFTs, DAOs, web3, and the metaverse. In this session, you'll learn how to lead in the emerging discipline of digital quality and find out what's really being transformed.
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September 28-29, 2022
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October 3-4, 2022
Bethesda, MD, USA
International Entrepreneurship Finance and Business Management Summit
October 19-22, 2022
Washington DC, USA
Front End of Innovation
October 19-21, 2022
Boston, MA, USA
Think Innovate 2022
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November 15-17, 2022
Copenhagen, DK
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