A Community Focused New Year

It’s exciting to be celebrating our first new year as a community. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on our journey so far and set goals for the future. Celebration of our first year begins with gratitude not only for early adopters and frequent contributors, but all myASQ users—past, present and future. More than 5,000 people have shaped a collegial community created to support quality practitioners and professionals in their knowledge and use of quality through meaningful conversations, content, and connections.

The new year also provides a fresh start to remind all users of the community guidelines. Community guidelines are the ground rules for participation that help users and community managers facilitate the experience. More than anything, we strive for myASQ to be a community that supports you in your career and your network. As a professional community, and as more users continue to connect and engage, we encourage and support informality in our interactions, but always with respect and courtesy for our colleagues. Comments viewed as personal attacks will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of both the comment and the user from the community.

To optimize the experience for all myASQ users:
  • Review the community guidelines to understand the community purpose and expectations.
  • Understand that community is about what you get and what you give: connect with others and learn from your colleagues, but also offer your support, thoughts, ideas, and expertise.
  • If you see something, please say something. While there is active moderation of myASQ, users may catch questionable activity first. Use the Objectionable link in content areas or the Report Member link in the profile if you think activity is inconsistent with the community guidelines.
Your continued participation and feedback shape the direction of this community. Looking ahead in 2019, the myASQ roadmap includes:
  • Subcommunities that support the members of our traditional geographic and technical-based communities
  • ASQ and community generated content offerings
  • Opportunities for members to lead as community champions and content experts
  • Increased automation and segmentation to enhance your user experience
Happy New Year! We are excited to continue this journey together with you.
News Helpful Hints 01/08/2019 10:44am CST