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I just took the annual salary survey but there are flaws in the questions.
For 13 weeks, my company is paying us to work 4 days instead of 5 - 20% pay cut.
However, my workload hasn't changed. So when i was asked how many hours a week I am working it remains 50 hrs per week but there was no place to explain that for 13 weeks I'm only paid for 32 hours (4 days). Also, ther...
Where can I find the annual financial report template?
Helpful overview..

(1) OK, since you asked, I will @mentionCYN - no matches,  @mentionNAZ - No matches.    ‍ Help! on revisiting, and looking at example - it appears case sensitive? no, as: :.   @mentionCyn - No matches.  HELP! (2) thanks for giving some guidance on the who, what, and how of this, as we determine what 'buckets' and direction our thoughts and ideas will go. This...
Michael D'Onofrio ‍ it's called an @mention, but you don't need to type the word mention. You type @cyn or @naz (upper or lowercase) to call forth my name. Do not type a space or hit tab before a name appears or it will deactivate the @mention.

Blogs and news use the same functionality. We've changed the nomenclature, but that may revert as we develop more blo...