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  • A Community Focused New Year
    A Community Focused New Year
    It’s exciting to be celebrating our first new year as a community. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on our journey so far and set goals for the future. Celebration of our first year begins with gratitude not only for early adopters and frequent contributors, but all myASQ users—past, present and future. More than 5,000 people have shaped a collegial ... more
  • MyASQ Release Notes
    MyASQ Release Notes
    If you're interested in platform updates, you can check out the Release Notes area added to the FAQs drop-down. Most updates occur as they are moved into production, but the development team works in two-week sprints. You can provide feedback or make suggestions for new site features on the myASQ ... more
  • @Mentions Help Direct Your Content
    @Mentions Help Direct Your Content
    You can directly identify the intended recipient(s) of your content by utilizing the @Mention feature. Similar to “tagging”, @Mentions work in: Profile comments Discussion board posts and replies Blogs comments Events comments Resource comments Communities comments, discussions, blogs, events, and resources To activate an @Mention, ... more

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(1) OK, since you asked, I will @mentionCYN - no matches,  @mentionNAZ - No matches.    ‍ Help! on revisiting, and looking at example - it appears case sensitive? no, as: :.   @mentionCyn - No matches.  HELP! (2) thanks for giving some guidance on the who, what, and how of this, as we determine what 'buckets' and direction our thoughts and ideas will go. This...
Michael D'Onofrio ‍ it's called an @mention, but you don't need to type the word mention. You type @cyn or @naz (upper or lowercase) to call forth my name. Do not type a space or hit tab before a name appears or it will deactivate the @mention.

Blogs and news use the same functionality. We've changed the nomenclature, but that may revert as we develop more blo...