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Quality 4.0; Ann Arbor is looking for a speaker in September.

The quality gift this month is about digital transformation. Our members are asking for a Quality 4.0 Talk, our September 13 meeting would be a great time to do it. We will be virtual, 5:30 to 7PM.

Any takers? Ideas?

Click the paperclip (attachment) and download. It's all there. Thanks for this!
Thomas Strong‍ , @Mention Works!  I got an email saying I had a mention
Just trying out @Mentions.  Using Don Wright‍ as the guinea pig.
I just took the annual salary survey but there are flaws in the questions.
For 13 weeks, my company is paying us to work 4 days instead of 5 - 20% pay cut.
However, my workload hasn't changed. So when i was asked how many hours a week I am working it remains 50 hrs per week but there was no place to explain that for 13 weeks I'm only paid for 32 hours (4 days). Also, ther...