International Team Excellence Award Applications Due September 30


The ITEA program is competitive benchmarking at its best—the highly structed program criteria sets a level playing field for all participating teams to see how well (or poorly) their organization is performing compared to a maturity model. Participation in the ITEA program provides your team the opportunity to:

  • EXPLORE: Understand best practices by using ITEA criteria
  • SHOWCASE: Share your project’s examples of continuous improvement success
  • BE RECOGNIZED: Recognize employees and motivate your workforce to pursue organizational excellence at all levels
  • BENCHMARK: See how your project measures up against ITEA criteria

Achievements in improved performance are presented and awarded in front of a global audience at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality & Improvement, with teams showcasing the quality projects they’ve implemented to make profitable improvements in areas such as customer satisfaction, waste reduction, and employee morale.

See how your team compares to the best—all while promoting employee recognition and motivating staff to embrace quality practices throughout the organization. Apply today!

News ASQ News 08/16/2021 1:19pm CDT