ASQ To Reinstate In Person Events And Meetings

Dear Members,

The ASQ Board of Directors is happy to announce that starting July 1, 2021 ASQ will resume in person meetings and events, in accordance with local ordinances and laws surrounding gatherings.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have listened to guidance from health experts to make decisions as the safety of ASQ members, customers and our full-time team has been our goal. Evidence is showing that as COVID-19 vaccination numbers climb, the spread of the virus is down and we believe now is the time to start safely resuming live experiences.

We will continue to recommend following CDC guidance and safety best practices, like:
  • Remaining at least 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Having hand sanitizer easily accessible.
  • Reducing and limiting contact between attendees, hosts, and others.
  • Using outdoor spaces because indoors it can be harder to keep people at least 6 feet apart and the ventilation is not as good as it is outdoors.

In person experiences are a critical part of belonging to ASQ and it wasn’t an easy decision to put them on hold. Thank you for your understanding as we have navigated this uncharted territory.

Sincerely, and one behalf of the ASQ Board of Directors,

Janet Raddatz, Chair, ASQ 2021
News ASQ News 06/04/2021 2:31pm CDT