Upcoming Webinars

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Thursday, March 25
Managing Innovation in a Project Management World
Innovation Division
6:00pm CDT

Wednesday, March 31
Women in Quality Panel Discussion and Networking
ASQ Montreal Section
5:30 CDT

Thursday, April 1
Monthly Professional Development Meeting
Topic 1: A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Customer Experience
Topic 2: Harmonious Changes: Engaging Stakeholders with Pockets, Zones, and Modes
Greater Fort Worth Section
6:00 – 8:30pm CDT

Monday, April 5
Measures of Success: React Less: Lead Better, Improve More
Ann Arbor Section
4:45pm CDT

Tuesday, April 6
Post Doc Research: Applying Leading Indicators in Cost of Quality (CoQ) and Quality space using technology monitoring and data gathering
Quality Management Division
5:00pm CTD

Wednesday, April 7
How are achieving greater results and employee retention connected?
Human Development and Leadership Division
2:00pm CDT

Thursday, April 8
ASQ Presents!™ Problem-solving Tools Using Mini-Tab
Grand Rapids Section
4:30pm CDT

Transforming organizational culture: a PDCA approach
Quality Management Division
5:00pm CDT

Tuesday, April 13
ISO 45001
Evansville-Owensboro Section
10:00am CDT

Beyond the Sticker and the Certificate (Ensuring Better Measurements and Reducing Risk)
Measurement Quality Division and Syracuse Section
5:00pm CDT

Wednesday, April 14
Using IOT to Drive Quality Improvement In Manufacturing Processes
Lean Enterprise Division
12:00pm CDT

Thursday, April 15
Watson Webinar #17 Quality as a Political Policy
Quality Management Division
2:00pm CDT

Friday, April 16
The Business World After COVID-19
San Antonio Section
6:30pm CDT

Tuesday April 20
Improve Your Business with Designed Experiments
Dayton Section
6:00pm CDT

Wednesday, April 21
Change Management Corporate University, integrated with the Center of Excellence!
Education Division
6:00pm CDT
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