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The Year in Review
We’re wrapping up the year with our most popular books from 2020 and have organized them by topic. This mix of new releases and perennial titles offer something for every quality professional. Peruse the list to see if any are missing from your quality library or maybe purchase one as a last-minute holiday gift.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!
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The Internal Auditing Pocket Guide, Second Edition
By J.P. Russell
This handy pocket guide covers necessary steps to complete an internal audit, from assignment to follow-up. It prepares auditors to conduct audits against quality, environmental, and safety criteria. This condensed, easy-to-read book is also a valuable resource for training others on how to perform an internal audit.
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ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audits Made Easy,
Fourth Edition
By Ann W. Phillips
While working toward an ISO 9001 certification, it is easy to lose sight of the primary intent of the standard: to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS). This book assists organizations with implementing an internal audit process that retains sight of all aspects.
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Culture is Everything: How to Become a True Culture Warrior and Lead Your Organization to Victory
By Jeff Veyera
Leaders and managers know that even successful application of the Lean Six Sigma principles, quality ideas, and best practices may still fail because a company culture is hostile to such endeavors. This book shows how to diagnose your company’s culture in terms of its suitability for your preferred quality improvement approach and then offers guidance on how to either tailor your approach to that culture or change the culture to better suit your approach.
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Unleash Quality
By Arron S. Angle
The power of quality comes from actions that stem from behaviors—behaviors that apply to every department within a company. In other words, a company's culture. This is where most organizations fail in their deployment of quality—by not treating it as a cultural imperative.
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The Joy of Lean
By Dodd Starbird
As it attracts more attention as a successful business philosophy, lean is still sometimes misunderstood as a method for just cutting expenses. That doesn't sound very joyful. This book will show leaders how to cultivate a positive Lean Culture of Excellence that creates value for customers and employees.
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The Lean Handbook
By Anthony Manos and Chad Vincent
This comprehensive handbook covers all the topics included in the Body of Knowledge: cultural enablers, continuous process improvement, consistent lean enterprise culture, and business results. Written by a team of lean experts with years of experience in the field, it will be indispensable to anyone interested in implementing and sustaining a lean initiative. The book is written, by design, at the Bronze Level for certification knowledge.
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Human Error Reduction in Manufacturing
By José Rodríguez-Pérez, PhD
Human errors are consequences, not causes. Written in a direct style that uses simple "industry" language with abundant applied examples and practical references, this book's insights on human failure reduction will improve individual, organizational, and social well-being.
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Applied Statistics Manual
By Matthew A. Barsalou and Joel Smith
This book demonstrates how to apply statistical methods for practical use. Rather than focusing on theoretical concepts, it delivers only the information that is critical to success for the practitioner. It is a thorough introductory guide, as well as a reliable reference for those who have already been exposed to statistics.
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Problem Solving
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Root Cause Analysis, Second Edition
By Duke Okes
This bestseller can help anyone who needs to find specific causes for failures. It provides detailed steps for solving problems, and it focuses on the deep analytical process involved in finding the true causes of problems. It accomplishes this through figures, diagrams, and tools to make the reader's thinking visible.
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Handbook of Investigation and Effective CAPA Systems, Second Edition
By José Rodriguez-Pérez, PhD
While the first edition was aimed solely at the FDA-regulated industry, this second edition emphasizes root cause analysis as the necessary preceding step of any effective corrective and preventive action system. These concepts apply to many sectors, including automotive, aerospace, service, and more.
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Quality Management
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Insights to Performance Excellence, 2019-2020
By Mark L. Blazey and Paul L. Grizzell
Using Baldrige Award-type management systems, this book helps readers understand what each area of the system means for organizations and find the synergy within the six major process-oriented parts of the system—leadership; strategy; customers; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; workforce; and operations—that lead to excellent performance results. This book provides a valuable, step-by-step approach to identify and put in place properly focused continuous improvement systems.
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Senior Management and Quality
By Fin Rooney
Fin Rooney dives into quality concepts and how to apply them strategically to your organization. In his thorough approach, he begins by revisiting the question, "What is quality?" Full of helpful questions and thought-provoking ideas, this book will ensure interesting conversations with managers about how they view quality.
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Quality Tools
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The Quality Toolbox, Second Edition
By Nancy R. Tague
The Quality Toolbox is a comprehensive reference for a variety of methods and techniques. It includes tools for brainstorming, evaluating ideas, analyzing processes, determining root causes, planning, and basic statistics. The book is thoughtfully designed both for self-learning and for teaching others.
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Business Process Improvement Toolbox, Second Edition
By Bjørn Andersen
Filled with quality tools and applications, this book provides readers with practical insight into how they can create a coherent business process improvement system. Consistently improving various aspects of how things are done, large and small, is the key to success for any organization.
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Foundations of Quality Risk Management
By Jayet Moon
This book is the perfect guide for anyone interested in understanding and excelling at risk management. It begins with a focus on the foundational elements of risk management, with a thorough explanation of the basic concepts, many illustrated by real-life examples. You’ll also find a practical discussion of contemporary topics in risk management, such as supply chain risk management, risk-based auditing, risk in 4.0 (digital transformation), benefit-risk analyses, risk-based design thinking, and pandemic/epidemic risk management.
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Quality Risk Management in the FDA-Regulated Industry, Second Edition
By José Rodríguez-Pérez, PhD
ISO 13485:2016, which specifies the requirements for a quality management system in the medical devices industry, now shows a greater emphasis on risk management and risk-based decision making. This book presents a systematic approach to quality risk management with practical explanations and examples.
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Complex Service Delivery Processes, Third Edition
By Jean Harvey, PhD
This book serves as a practical approach to improving complex services. Anyone who is interested in managing the customer experience will find this book an invaluable tool to produce the results that customers or clients need. In this third edition, the reader is invited to view video clips that complement the reading.
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Crafting Service Processes: The Art and Science
By Jean Harvey, PhD
This book is about the design and delivery of service experiences. Written in a user-friendly manner with a storytelling context, it focuses initially on everyday services (coffee shops, fast food, supermarkets) and then on complex services (lawyers, physicians, engineers, accountants).
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Six Sigma
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Process Improvement Using Six Sigma
By Rama Shankar
This guide takes readers through the five phases of Six Sigma methodology, Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC), in five clearly written and practical sections. While many other self-help books exist, this book discusses topics in a friendly way to remove the fear out of Six Sigma and statistics.
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Statistics For Six Sigma Black Belts
By Matthew A. Barsalou
This book is written for the Six Sigma Black Belt who needs an understanding of many statistical methods but does not use all of these methods every day. It is intended to be used as a quick reference, providing basic details, step-by-step instructions, and Minitab statistical software instructions.
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The ISO 45001:2018 Implementation Handbook
By Milton P. Dentch
This handbook explains how an organization can use a management system to control and improve its safety or occupational health and safety performance. For those organizations certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007, this book highlights the changes required to upgrade to the new international standard.
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The ISO 9001:2015 Implementation Handbook
By Milton P. Dentch
This practical book guides both manufacturing and service organizations who are seeking certification to ISO 9001:2015. For organizations that are already certified to ISO 9001, it advises how to use your upgrade to ISO 9001:2015 as an opportunity to rebuild your QMS into a helpful asset in managing your business.
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Connected, Intelligent, Automated: The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation and Quality 4.0
By N.M. Radziwill
Sift through the noise around AI, AR, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity, and other rising technologies and emerging issues to find the signals for your organization. Discover the value proposition of Quality 4.0 and the leading role for quality professionals to drive successful digital transformation initiatives. This book provides you with the techniques, philosophies, and broad overall knowledge you need to understand Quality 4.0, and helps you leverage those things for the future success of your enterprise.
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Data Quality: Dimensions, Measurement, Strategy, Management, and Governance
By Rupa Mahanti, PhD
Good data is a source of myriad opportunities, while bad data is a tremendous burden. This book provides guidance on strategies and tactics for data quality. It balances technical details and higher-level qualitative discussions with case studies, illustrations, and real-world examples throughout.
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