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  • Juran Medal
    Juran Medal Committee Chair Needed
    Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 21, 2018 — Applications are being accepted from qualified member leaders for the chair position on the prestigious Juran Medal Committee. The Juran Medal is presented to the individual who exhibits distinguished performance in a sustained role as an organization leader, personally practicing the key principles of quality ... more
  • Crosby Medal
    ASQ Awards, Medal Nominations Due Oct. 1
    Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 12, 2018 — The deadline to nominate an individual for ASQ’s prestigious medals and awards is Oct. 1. The awards — named for individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the field of quality — recognize leaders in the development, promotion, and communication of quality information and technology. Anyone, regardless ... more
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    MyASQ Finance Update - August 17th, 2018
    myASQ Finance Project Update The myASQ Finance team has made progress in its collaboration with Billhighway on the customization of the new financial tool for member units. The team has weekly calls with Billhighway to discuss strategy and configuration. The verification of current member unit financial information is almost complete. The last ... more
  • myASQ Live Chat
    QP's Quality Glossary The Topic Of MyASQ's First Live Chat
    Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 15, 2018 — Contributors to Quality Progress magazine’s revised Quality Glossary, the centerpiece of the August edition, will host a live chat Friday, Aug. 24, at 12 p.m. CDT on myASQ, giving ASQ members the opportunity to ask questions about a specific term or definition. The discussion marks the first myASQ live chat, which is an ... more
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    MyASQ Finance Progress Report - August 2018
    myASQ Finance Progress Report August 2018 Members of the myASQ Finance team met with the senior project managers of Billhighway on July 31, 2018 in Milwaukee, Wis. During the half-day workshop, the following topics were addressed: What will the ASQ member experience look like? How will funds flow in the new tool? How can member units have ... more
  • WCQI Session Speaker
    ASQ Accepting Proposals For 2019 World Conference On Quality And Improvement Sessions
    Milwaukee, Wis., July 19, 2018 — ASQ is now accepting proposals for presentations for its 2019 World Conference on Quality and Improvement, held May 20 – 22, in Fort Worth, Texas. Proposals are due Aug. 17. Presentations will be chosen by the Technical Program Committee by November, and, if selected, final presentations are due in late March. The theme ... more
  • myASQ Finance
    ASQ Transformation FAQ for myASQ Members – Finance
    Hello  myASQ members, myASQ Finance is a new member unit finance system that will simplify and streamline all member unit banking, accounting, and financial reporting. myASQ Finance is expected to include features such as online check writing, electronic bill payment, and prepaid debit cards. These features are expected to offer a seamless, ... more
  • William Brad Brown is the recipient of the 2018 ASQ Richard A. Freund Scholarship.
    Grand Rapids Fire Department Employee Named 2018 ASQ Freund Scholarship Winner
    Milwaukee, Wis., June 7, 2018 — William Brad Brown, assistant chief of administration for the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Fire Department and student at Cornerstone University is the 2018 recipient of the ASQ Richard A. Freund Scholarship. Brown is pursuing a doctor of education degree in organizational leadership and development at the Grand Rapids ... more
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    Chair, CEO Update Global Members on ASQ Transformation
    Dear international members of ASQ: We’ve undertaken an effort to transform ASQ into the modern, robust, well-respected professional association expected by our members and customers. You can read more about ASQ’s transformation at . This ... more
  • Biofuels Industry, oil, natural gas
    Quality News Today: How Blockchain and Digital Coins Can Serve the Biofuels Industry
    Few topics in business today stir more debate than blockchain and digital coins. It is important, however, to not get distracted by the hype and polarization of that discussion. Blockchain and digital coins are technologies that can bring important changes to the commodities markets, and for that reason are receiving growing attention and ... more

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Good Morning Chaitanya,

Yes there will be training for anyone who will use the myASQ Finance tool.

Thank you

myASQ Finance Team
Will there be a training on the process on using the myASQ Finance to section level Finance Chair/ Treasurer. 
Hello. My name is Joe Liautaud, I am the QA Manager at Acme Industrial Co. We are trying to benchmark 2 of our Quality Indexes as far as the internal goals we have set. These involve first run capability (lost parts) for 2 of our product groups. We basically measure how many parts we start with and how many are actually put into stock from that order. Does anyone...
ITEA applications are due September 10!
It's always nice to see a familiar name in a positive news story. Congratulations again Dan Sneizek.