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I had the pleasure of meeting Mae-Goodwin many years ago. An impressive woman and a great Statistician. She is a Quality legend in the Chicagoland area.


First one is what is currently on the website. The second is what was on the website in mid-January. I would like to know why, if it is stated “Through March 15th”, all the prices were raised before then.

As reported first by @Luminita Aldea in April 2021, the Apple link and the Andriod links to the ASQ App in the article are still reversed and it is now January 2022. Come on ASQ, can't we get this fixed in 8 months! What if we as quality professionals were this slow to respond to defects pointed out by our customer's complaints? Our companies would be out of busi...

We win as a Society if we grow our membership, internally and externally. Internal growth comes from upgrading our Students to Professionals; Professionals to Seniors; and Seniors to Fellows and Honorary.

ASQ has almost 90% retention for its Senior and Fellow members, so this contingent has to extend their hands out to bring more on board for the benefi...