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Another error in this claim is that 16 Feb 1946 ASQ was establishes but with the statement of ( From our origins in World War II, statistical control methodology to modern-day best practices for leveraging artificial intelligence) which leads to the fact that ASQC was started in PHILADELPHIA PA SHIP YARD during the war. ASQ should be humble to correct the...
Hi Ray Lotfi ‍ - yes, there were several quality groups (I think about 17) in your area around that time.  In our incorporation documentation it references September 1, 1946 as the official coming together.  Thanks for being part of the early workings to create ASQ (C - at the time).  
While I am hopeful that there are some of those original members from 1946 still alive, I know of some members who have over 60, pushing 70 years of membership.  My suggestion is that our monthly member focus this year include any of these "senior" members.  It would be an easy sort of the membership data to find those 65+ years members and highlight them.  
Actually ASQC (American Society for Quality Control) was founded in Philadelphia PA before 1946 (about 1944 in Philly Ship Yard) and there are documents to proof it. Some how we as ASQ-Philly wonder why the ASQ doesn't want to correct this issue once and for all. Thank you