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Thanks for sharing this post.
Hi Cynthia,
I hope you can help.  Since the change in templates, I have been unable to post anything in the events category on the London site.  The page will initially appear without the "description" section activated.  After a error message the description section appears, but I get in an endless loop that there is an error in the submission, and can't g...
Michele Minicozzi ‍ our provider postponed until early tomorrow a.m. (Central) so what you're seeing is not the updated site. There won't be any additional announcement, just a change in appearance once you log in after the move occurs. 
What time zone was this done in? I was logged on and no one was there, I'm thinking it already took place as I'm MST.
Just as I suspected, in my age range there is a significant gender pay gap... sigh