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  • Women in Quality Symposium - ASQ Leadership
    Women in Quality Symposium - ASQ Leadership
    The Women in Quality Symposium comes at a pivotal time for ASQ. As we enter 2021, we will have a female Society Chair (Janet Raddatz) and both the Technical Communities Council (Wanda Sturm) and Geographic Communities Council (Nancy Nouaimeh) will be chaired by women. This is a first for our Society and are honored for this milestone in our history .   ... more
  • We ARE Doing It!  Women In Quality Symposium
    We ARE Doing It! Women In Quality Symposium
    In the 2019 cover story of  Quality Progress,   We ARE Doing It! , we decided to reach out to our members and contributors to tap into their experiences and world views on women in the quality workplace—and how they perceive the past, present and future for themselves and their peers.  We asked: What are the unique challenges they face? What obstacles did ... more

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You can directly identify the intended recipient(s) of your content by utilizing the @Mention feature. Similar to “tagging”, @Mentions work in: Profile comments Discussion board posts and replies Blogs comments Events comments Resource comments Communities comments, discussions, blogs, events, and resources To activate an @Mention, ...

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