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  • Advancing a Quality Management System For US Elections
    Advancing a Quality Management System For US Elections
    As an organization of quality experts, leading improvement is at the core of the ASQ mission. Today, after months of development, we are proud to share the newest effort in leading improvement; Advancing a Quality Management System For US Elections The barrage of shortcomings and risks impeding the integrity of US elections illustrates the lack of, ... more
  • The ASQ Mobile App Is HERE!
    The ASQ Mobile App Is HERE!
    Today we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the ASQ Mobile App. Now you can connect with a tap on your screen—opening up opportunities to explore, share, and learn. The app is intended to complement our robust website and the online myASQ member community. Digital transformation continues to propel the quality industry forward ... more

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@Mentions Help Direct Your Content 110

You can directly identify the intended recipient(s) of your content by utilizing the @Mention feature. Similar to “tagging”, @Mentions work in: Profile comments Discussion board posts and replies Blogs comments Events comments Resource comments Communities comments, discussions, blogs, events, and resources To activate an @Mention, ...

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