ASQ Kitchener Training - DOE Concepts and Practice 917
ASQ Kitchener Training - DOE Concepts and Practice
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Course Description
This course is provided to assist designers, managers, and engineers responsible for developing and/or improving processes and products. No previous experience or exposure to the subject is required.  Note, this is an introductory course developed to support two additional course modules.  The full DOE course will be held over three separate sessions. 

What You Will Learn
  • The Design of Experiment, DoE, terminology. 
  • The difference between Exploratory, Confirmatory, and Conservative statistical studies and when to use each.
  • The advantage of using DoEs over conventional trial and error methods.
  • The classification of DoEs and when to use each type.
  • The connection between DoEs, process capability, and process control. 
  • How to conduct Full-Factorial DoEs and analyze the results. 
  • How to interpret the results and optimize the process or product design. 
Course Outline
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