ASQ Professional Development Cruise 379
ASQ Professional Development Cruise
Cruise Dates: FALL 2022 -
     Royal Caribbean Cruise Line   
          Departure Port: Galveston, TX

Remotely Interested?  Put a reminder on your calendar to look for information in the fall of 2021
   Cost of Conference less than $200.  Cost of cabins vary by preference at $600-1200 per person
      Compare total cost of 7 days at sea and 3.0 RU with a 3-day conference in a major city.  

Itinerary: TBD in fall 2022
              Sun     TBD     be in Galveston       – embark ship 12-3 pm    ** depart 4 pm ** 
              Three Days...        days at sea               – Conference topics – scheduled topics and free-form forums
              Three Days...        days in port             – Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica --- on your own: tours – beaches – shopping
              Sun     TBD      return to Galveston – disembark by noon – travel home

Program / Activities:
On the three days at sea, the topic content will appeal to a wide audience, like leadership and general personal growth, with a spattering of more specialty topics. 
   Mornings will provide 60-90 minute presentations. After lunch we  become more flexible with both formal topics and small discussion groups.  With less structure, the discussions often happen in the lounges over afternoon drinks!  Hours of ASQ participation are tracked and RU credits issued, up to 3.0 for full engagement.  Program details will be posted on the website noted below as they develop.  

On the three “Port Days”,  all are encouraged to take shore excursions, go off on your own, or just relax on a nearly-empty ship. 
      It’s your choice, with NO structured ASQ activities

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Date & Time
Sunday August 15th, 2021 12:00am CDT
End Date & Time
Sunday October 30th, 2022 11:00pm CDT
Western Caribbean: Liberty of the Seas
United States
Host Type
Geographic, Technical
Additional Information
Due to insufficient commitment for the Sep 2019 Cruise, we have cancelled it.

The HD&L Division and Section 1416 will look at the potential to try again in Sep/Oct 2022.
     Reservations for Training Rooms (availability) are a key factor in setting any dates.  
Get the idea on your long term training/vacation calendar now and watch in myASQ Events for the dates.

Event Sponsor Information

Sponsored by:   ASQ Human Development & Leadership Division – Program

      Program Coordinator:    Marilyn Monda     HD&L                203-554-5600

Hosted by:   ASQ Greater Fort Worth Section 1416 - Reservations / Arrangements
      Cruise Coordinator:        John Breckline      Section 1416      817-401-0412
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