ASQ BGM April 2024 PDM -The Human Factor–Ensuring Quality Control when “Quality” is a Moving target

When:  Apr 18, 2024 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM (ET)
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The Human Factor – Ensuring Quality Control when “Quality” is a Moving Target

Like any industry, the movie business employs standards, metrics and specifications, all in an effort to enable consistent and reliable presentations to the public.
However, unlike most other industries, no one really cares if your product adheres to these standards. All that matters is that audience members can experience your movie, and respond positively to it… which hopefully translates to box office returns, and the opportunity to make more movies.
In a world where the concept of quality is subjective, where do the boundaries of quality assurance, artistic vision, and commerce meet?
Though numerous technical groups work very hard to initiate, test and implement these specifications, the film industry has always been, and continues to be, the wild west. An artist will create content that is true to their vision, regardless of its adherence to published standards, and the movie-going public’s response to that vision takes priority over all other concerns.
So, how do we – one small company, making one big movie, every few years – respect those standards, while working to push the limits of what is possible, enable the artist’s vision, and still make sure that viewers have an optimal experience, in every theater around the world, and later, in downstream media within the vagaries of consumer electronics?
Geoff Burdick – Senior Vice President, Production Services & Technology, Lightstorm Entertainment 

A Los Angeles native, Geoff Burdick received his degree in Film Studies from UC Santa Barbara in 1990, and has worked with James Cameron at Lightstorm Entertainment ever since.
An innovative and passionate contributor to numerous award-winning films, Geoff has provided dedicated expertise in creative methodologies to filmmakers, visual effects and post- production companies, motion picture studios, and major theme park design groups.
From documentaries such as “Ghosts of The Abyss,” “Aliens of the Deep” and “Deepsea Challenge,” to features including “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” “True Lies,” “Titanic,” “Avatar,” “Avatar: The Way of Water,” and its upcoming sequels, Geoff has been intimately involved in the development and implementation of acquisition, post-production and exhibition solutions for over 30 years.
Working with various industry groups, Geoff continues to develop approaches to creating immersive narratives, pushing the boundaries to help drive the advancement of cameras systems, digital workflows, 3D, high frame rates, dynamic range and other next-gen cinema technologies.
He also supports and encourages the next generation of creators by regularly speaking to students in the Department of Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, where he has received the Inspirational Alumni Award.


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