Professional Development Meeting - “Automation Projects and Battery Manufacturing in the Southern Ti

Starts:  Nov 17, 2022 10:30 PM (UTC)
Ends:  Nov 18, 2022 01:30 AM (UTC)
Associated with  Binghamton Section
Presenter: Dennis Lockhart – CIMSEE Consulting, LLC

Mr. Lockhart will review examples of manufacturing automation projects he has overseen during his career at Universal Instruments in Binghamton, NY and his subsequent work as owner and primary consultant for CIMSEE Consulting, LLC also of Binghamton, NY. Mr. Lockhart has completed over 130 projects world-wide as a Sr. Systems Project Manager and Industrial Engineering Project Leader.

Examples of projects to be reviewed include establishing the largest TV factory in China, the first Apple

Computer manufacturing facility in Cupertino, CA with sequential sites in Northern Ireland and San Polo,

Brazil, the first Direct TV plant in Juarez Mexico, a fully automated (no humans) Frymaster food equipment manufacturing line, and a critical project to ensure full-traceability of components used in Medtronic Medical Devices, Inc. heart pacemakers. The highlight of the presentation is an in-depth account of a most recent, 9 month long project to relocate a 2.3 million sq-ft Lithium-Ion battery facility from Concord, NC to the Huron Campus (former IBM site) in Endicott, NY. The move involved approximately 120 trailer loads of equipment and complete renovation of the former IBM materials distribution center building. The massive, new, high-tech facility occupies a space equivalent to the size of 3 football fields.

Learn about this massive move of the battery plant, the status of the new manufacturing facility in Endicott, the production status at the new iM3NY plant, and the future of Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing in the Southern Tier. This professional meeting also provides an opportunity for attendees, if not already aware, to become familiar with the Center for Technology and Innovation… better known as TechWorks!... and see working displays of technology that has made the Southern Tier of New York a world-leader for technology advancement and innovation.