Three Universal Root Cause Truths

When:  Jan 20, 2023
Associated with  St. Louis Section
I’ve spent the past twenty years and tons of races learning how to use the power of our minds for instead of against ourselves. In this presentations, we will discuss the Three Universal Root Cause Truths, part of the skills I learned from 125+ 100-mile finishes.

Susan Donnelly is a Causal Analysis expert and Mindset Coach for Ultrarunners. In both roles, she helps the client discover the root cause of the problem and how to prevent it from recurring. As a causal analyst, she has performed 100 analyses and accident investigations. As an ultrarunner, she has run 138 100-mile races and 300 ultramarathons in total. Her goal in both causal analysis and ultramarathon worlds is to help clients clear the obstacles they don’t see out of their way and reach their goals.