ASQ Section 0511 August 2023 Meeting Announcement - Rpt from Welcome Committee Chair & Recert Chair

When:  Aug 9, 2023 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  Northern Virginia Section

Program Presented by:

Sara McAlpine, ASQ Section 0511 Welcome Committee Chair
Ken Rapuano, ASQ Section 0511 Chair on behalf of
Muzaffar Zaffar, ASQ Section 0511 Recertification Chair

Program Description:

Part 1: The Human Connection: Why Being Welcoming Can Help You Build Stronger Relationships and Benefit Individuals and Businesses
Section 0511 is implementing an outreach program to welcome new members and promote connections with current members. Section members supporting the Welcome Committee acquire Recertification Units (RU) to maintain their certifications. This program provides a window into the work of the Welcome Committee, then reaches a little further into the topic of "welcoming" and how it relates to Quality and to auditing, and in a broader sense to Quality in our workplaces and communities.

Part 2: ASQ offers multiple professional certifications and requires recertification on a three-year cycle. Providing opportunities to acquire Recertification Units is one of the most important functions of each ASQ Section. This program provides an overview of the recertification process, outlines the duties of the Recertification Chair, and discusses ASQ Section 0511's resources available to members seeking RU to maintain their hard-earned certifications. Muzaffar is on an exciting vacation visiting 9 countries and his program will be presented by Section 0511 Chair Ken Rapuano.

Presenter / Program Leader Background:

Sara McAlpine

Sara has served as the Section 0511 Welcome Committee Chair since July 2021 when the Section created the Welcome Committee. Sara served as the Section 0511 Treasurer in 2018, 2019 and served as Treasurer-Elect in 2017. Sara earned the ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) in 2007 and continued to earn recertification of her ASQ CQA certification through 2021. Sara first joined ASQ in the late 1980's and has been a continuing member of ASQ since 2006. Last August, she retired from her day job after a career of more than 40 years with SAIC, where she supported software programs as a technical writer and editor, trainer, quality assurance manager, and auditor. Sara has extensive experience in process improvement, CMMI-Development Model implementation and CMMI appraisals, and quality assurance/control on systems/software engineering programs for Federal Government and Department of Defense organizations. She is an experienced Process Improvement coach for CMMI initiatives. She participated in numerous corporate, enterprise CMMI-DEV activities as an appraisal team member and process improvement lead, monitored action plans, and utilized quality tools to help drive continuous improvement. During her tenure at SAIC, she served as a mentor in corporate formal mentoring programs. She has a BA from William & Mary and an MA from George Mason University.

Muzaffar Zaffar

Muzaffar Zaffar is a Quality Professional with extensive experience in both software development and pharmacology. He is the Lead SQA Engineer at US Pharmacopeial (USP) in Rockville, which is an independent, scientific non-profit organization focused on building trust in the supply of safe, quality medicine. His expertise includes developing testing plans, implementing risk mitigation strategies, communicating process improvements across teams, resolving conflict between teams, and ensuring that product and software adhere to the organization and industry standards. He also has vast experience developing new SQA teams for offshore offices.

Muzaffar is an ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) since 2011. He also holds multiple IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certifications and is a Certified Specialist in IT Management Leadership. He has served as the Section's Certification Exam Proctor since 2014 and its Education Chair since 2016. Outside of work, he is a day tracker and hiker, having hiked the world's three (3) tallest mountain ranges: Himalaya, Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush.


There is no charge to attend. To register, please use our on line reservation form which can be used up to the day of the meeting. If your plans change, please contact, and let us know.


Call for Nominations - 2024 Section Leadership Committee:

ASQ Section 0511 has the following openings on the Section Leadership Committee (SLC) for 2024. The elected positions must be confirmed and provided to ASQ by November 1, 2024. This is an opportunity for Section members to take part in Section 0511's governance, as well as earn RUs. ASQ Section 0511's SLC is the easiest group in the world to join!

1. Open elected mandatory positions:

i. Section Chair - Open in 2024

ii. Secretary - Open in 2024

iii. Treasurer - Muzaffar Zaffar has agreed to serve a second term in 2024 if there are no other volunteers

2. Appointed mandatory positions:

i. Nominations - Ken Rapuano has volunteered to serve as Nominations Chair in 2024

ii. Membership - Leslie Braun has volunteered to continue as Membership Chair in 2024

3. Open non-mandatory elected positions for 2024:

i. Section Vice-chair - Open in 2024

ii. Vice-treasurer and Vice-secretary - Open in 2024. These positions are currently open and can be filled immediately by volunteers appointed by the chair to fill out the 2023 term.

4. Open appointed positions - can be filled immediately by volunteers appointed by the Section Chair

i. Ranger Outings Lead - Open in 2024

ii. Arrangements Chair - Open in 2024

iii. Voice of the Customer - Open in 2024

iv. Program Chair

v. Assistant Streaming Lead

vi. Compliance Chair

To place your name in nomination for any of the open SLC positions, or to find out what more about a position that interests you, please email, cc'ing and Descriptions of the mandatory Section positions and many of the non-mandatory positions can be found at: under "GCC - Position Guides" (scroll down). The Nominations Committee will select and publish a slate including a minimum of one candidate per elected position prior to the Section elections.

In addition to going through the Nominations Committee, it is possible to place your name in nomination for an elected position directly by submitting a nomination petition signed by 10 Section members in good standing.

Due date for nominations: October 1, 2023; the Nomination Committee reserves the right to accept later requests for nomination if a position is without a candidate.

Section Election: SLC meeting on October 11, 2023 at 6 pm (via Webex)

Please note that positions that are mandatory are required to be filled for Section 0511 to remain in good standing within ASQ and continue to operate with all the benefits that accrue to the Section and its membership.

Appointed positions, both mandatory and non-mandatory, serve at the discretion of the Section Chair and can be replaced by the Section Chair at any time.

ASQ Section 0511 40th Anniversary Program:

Mark your calendars! October 14, 2023, at Maggiano's Tyson, 6 PM - 9:30 PM. Susan Gorveatte will be the Keynote Speaker. She was a speaker at WCQI in Philadelphia this year and comes highly recommended! The topic will be on auditing - with a "Starwars Jedi" theme.

Section Leadership Committee Meeting Information:

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 at 6:00 pm EST
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Meeting number: 2551 557 3371
Password: FVcQFA8bx63
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Phone number: 1-408-792-6300 Call-in number (US/Canada)
Access code: 2551 557 3371

Next Meeting:

Member Meeting on 13 September 2023, topic TBD

About Us:

ASQ Section 0511 is a geographic community in Northern Virginia that lives intertwined with the network of ASQ Divisions and technical communities specializing in specific quality domains and supporting ASQ Certifications in their domains. Its members have tremendous cumulative experience across multiple industries, companies, and government agencies. Any single one of you in our ASQ Section is a formidable source of takes, opinions, and lessons on a number of Quality Matters.


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